Just me.. errr? (Turbulence Effects toned down way too much?)

Calling all r/w pilots for your opinions and votes from all here who feel the same - I’ve been PPL since 1987, and I can safely say that since that year, I’ve not had 98% of those flight hours in perfectly smooth air like the 500+ hours in MSFS 2020. This sim is seriously lacking in the bumps and “pockets” of air that toss around lighter aircraft such as the 172 (and of course heavier a/c but to less extent). Not just a little bump here and there, but pockets of air that create instability, quick loss or gain of speed and or altitude, bank or slip angle.

It seems to me that the turbulence effects have been toned down more since public release - is it just me? Even at release I cannot say it was even 75% realistic, but NOW in recent versions it’s like flying the google earth sim for kids… just dead space air - and once in a while we’ll get a bump or two, but that’s nothing like real life! I purposely have been flying in “MOD TURBULENT” areas recently as shown on SkyVector (SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts) within the specified altitudes, and the results are as above - ho-hum a few little bumps here and there…

I’m not convinced this sim is revealing 100% of the air effects… Could we have realistic air effects and “real” turbulence. Just simply have an option for those who don’t want it to “tune” or turn off “realistic atmospheric effects”. In fact, default it to off so us real Pilots can turn it up to 100% real and experience what we would in the real world.

→ This goes especially for the ground effects as nearing the runway on landing… I grease every landing without any kind of ground effect, just not how it is in r/w! ←


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