Just not the same

I was so excited a year ago when I heard about FS 2020, I started planning for it back then.

Did a lot of research, waited for the specs, checked numerous sources, and once it was launched decided on a top of the line PC just for the sim… I was pumped up and ready!

The sim runs word not allowed near perfect, none of the major issues others seem to have. I waited 2 months after the sim was released to be sure of the specs before buying the machine…I-7…RTX 2080…32 gigs RAM…and in the months since, it sits there on it’s own desk, complete with CH yoke, throttle, pedals…and about 5 hours total time, a few of which were spent just ‘tweaking’ it.

Try as I might, I just can’t get excited about 2020, there are too many things I loved about FSX that are missing from 2020. I keep hoping we would see them return on these updates, but so far, they are not even on the ‘to do’ list. I bought the basic sim because the ultimate had none of the options I wanted, so I planned on buying whatever I wanted when the addons are released. So far that ain’t happened. I had over 300 gigs of addon’s in FSX, planes, scenery, airports, I have no issue spending money, but so far there has been nothing I am interested in…NADA.

I keep hoping and waiting but even the few dev’s I worked with in FSX say it’s going to be a long time before complex planes are ready…I am getting real close to firing up FSX again and parking 2020 for the foreseeable future.

Anyone else a bit disappointed in the current state of affairs or am I alone on this?


Cool story bro


If you expect things in this world to work at your fingers tips I am sorry you’ll be disappointed. Simply think of this sim like a tree.My simple word to you be patient.


yeah a lot of people seem anywhere from a bit disappointed to furious over the growing pains playing out in real time. I understand some of it comes down to expectations - most of it really.
I did the same as you - almost to the exact specs of your PC. But I expected MSFS to be raw. I expected that even with thorough testing ANY flight sim is going to have major issues once it is released into the wild. I expected the default planes to be largely just placeholders until the community developers could catch up and or MS could iron out the SDK. We knew this was an xBox gig from the start - no one lied to us or forced us to buy in.
But the reason I keep flying it a little every day is for the positives. The things it DOES do well. Would I like to have the view controls the same as they were in FSX? yep. Would I like helicopters and helipads - yep. Would I rather not have random and regular CTD’s ? sure. But when all goes well on the short bush flights I like - or the circuits and bumps I run out of the desert strips or in Hawaii etc there is no comparison to any other flight sim.
This one is special and it WILL get better. The history of MS Flight sims and the work of its fan based 3rd party developers assures it.
I think all it will take is time

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You are not alone in feeling this.

While I never really jumped on the hype train or bothered to upgrade my computer just for this, I haven’t fired up FS2020 much over the recent months and have been spending most my other time in either P3D or doing something else entirely.

Just the stuff I want isn’t here yet. I’ve only just fired up FS2020 a few days ago actually to try out the CJ4 mod (which is pretty awesome btw), but that’s about it.

Hoping things get better. Really just waiting for more complex airplanes, but everyone has their own needs.


i considered buy Xplane during the sale, mainly for it’s VR Value

For me, in 2D the game runs great! 1080p Settings at 30-50fps is good enough for me. However in VR it runs like doody. Buying Xplane or Aerosoft would resolve this issue in the interim, however i just can bring myself to buy them because FS2020’s graphics are so gosh ■■■■ great.

I’m sorry your top of the line computer can’t run this game and the game is lackluster in available content. However, this game is still relatively new compared to Xplane (4 years old) or FSX (Old AF). Those games became what they are over time, not right out of the box. There’s a dozen planes in the works right now and i’m looking at a 2 year minimum wait for the plane i want to buy (a350 unless a 777 comes through) and it’s payware! Quality addons take time. I’d rather pay $80 for a nice tubeliner with a ton of features than $20 for a so-so tubeliner thats like a fancy vanilla plane with full clickable cockpits and two included liveries, even if the former takes 2 years to develop.

This all being said, the SDK requires a ton of love based on the feedback from 3rd paty developers when they have to answer the question “why can’t _____ be fixed yet?” When the SDK becomes a quality piece of software, we’ll start seeing some really nice planes out there.

Yes I agree wholeheartedly with your post. That is not to take away from the achievement so far. However as an airliner flyer far more than GA, pretty scenery for low flying is less important to me than decent atc, reliable flight model, replay, and ground services.

In sim flight planning is clunky to say the least as well. Add this to long load times, the prevalence of CTDs and the inability to quickly made alterations (If say you accidentally spawned on the runway, or at the wrong gate) and it is hard for me to get enthusiastic these days.

I’d like to fly the Dreamliner and not just the a320, but FPS is so low that it is unplayable.

They seem to be taking so long improving the SDK such that Addons like GSX are not able to be completed for mfs 2020. And other Addons I have purchased to give the game purpose eg sky park and Airhauler 2 oftern cause performance issues/ CTDs.

Landing challenges work for the most part, but the recent Paris challenge simply will not play above 10 FPS. With other airliner challenges (and free flight) performance is unpredictable from day to day sometimes great sometimes poor.

I’m aware that my system needs to be upgraded in some respects, but don’t want to drop money on this and then discover that it has barely raised performance.

The fact is that such variable performance from one day to another (my PC is always in exactly the same state with no other apps running in background etc) must only be due to server issues and bugs, and when having loaded the game (6minutes) planned a flight (10 minutes) and then discovered it is not working well this time, or I have forgotten to do something in planning) the inability to jump quickly and change it kills my enthusiasm.

FSX was very good at this - quick set up and quick fly, whether it be full flight or landing practice. I used to save flights I had done at descent or approach so I could re practice then over and over. Whilst the save function is present in mfs 2020, again reloading a saved flight leads to unpredictable performance which kills immersion.

Microsobo has has focused on the scenery platform, and built other game functions after/ around it (or so it appears to me) and it is often the issues or outright clunkiness with these functions - far inferior to the more basic but intuitive FSX UI that detracts from my enthusiasm.


Wellll, some of those trailers were a little misleading at the minimum. Like the ones that showed all of that gorgeous tropical water that isn’t actually in the game. Or all the advertised and new features that were flaunted in the Feature Discovery videos and then released half broken, rather than withheld until they were stable and actually working, like Live Weather just to name one.

I agree with the sentiment though. But I knew what I was getting into having been on the Alpha and seeing the state this thing was in. Built a new rig for it too.

Sell your rig, and check back in 5 or 10 years. Don’t feel bad about it either. Some things in life are a bust and you move on to the next.


I’m having great fun with it, but there again I don’t do the airliners as I find the whole airline thing boring.

My real life experience has all been military and police helicopters with some corporate hours so good or bad, I’m conditioned for a largely low level day and night VFR world of flying.

Sadly no helicopters yet, but in my opinion the sim really does deliver the VFR world it promised.


Go back to 2010 then have fun

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Did he really mention FSX?


There’s quite a bit of fun to be had, really. If you like airliners, the FlyByWire Airbus 320 mod is quite good. If you fly business jets, the Working Title CJ4 is very impressive. If you like GA glass cockpits, add the Working Title G1000, G3000 and 530 mods. Tons of great bush planes, including the Savage Gravel mods, the Bush League Legends Cub and the new Zenith plane.

There will obviously be a lot more options as time goes by, but I’m finding plenty to occupy my time with. 265 hours of flight time and still dying to fly every day.


Sounds like the cj4 is worth a look. I hadn’t considered this - some variety may help. Thanks - I’ll give it a go


Actually, I don’t even take part in such discussions any more because it’s actually pointless - and I don’t mean that in a bad way.
But it is the case here that apples are being compared with pears.
I can only repeat myself: people expect a SIM to cover everything that other SIMs have taken almost 10 years to cover, right from the start. When FSX came out in October 2006, it was far less usable than MSFS after it came out. Started with bugs and not to speak of before the slideshow with ENDHIGHEND rig.
Why do people keep forgetting that. Same with XPlane11 or XP10 back then - but they still don’t have a real decent weather representation, until now, as an example.
I don’t want to defend MSFS2020, but these are facts. And to be honest, I’ve been with FS since 5.1 (and I was still a child then and I knew the FS 4.0 but did not really use it.) and there has never been a SIM with adapted ADDONS and airports, sceneries (except for aeroplanes, but they also took a long time with the others) as quickly as with MSFS and a lot of them for free, even though the graphical / technical leap is immense.
I would have done a few things differently, no question and there are enough improvements necessary and a bit of fine tuning but the platform is great and of course it will still take time to make EVERYONE happy.
And you can’t compare FSX with MSFS2020, please. You have almost the whole world scenery and that “for free” - live traffic “for free” - live “weather” for free etc. (of course there is still room for improvement) and then people still complain!
There won’t be a perfect simulator for a long time, but you can enjoy what you have, very simply.
BR !

Same here !


Hey PIC007 I already replied to this on AVSIM haha! If it’s the simulation you are worried about as I stated elsewhere just wait it out and see what happens when the CRJ is released from Aerosoft, there’s no rush I’m still playing in X-Plane because some planes are not in MSFS yet. MSFS for me delivers though especially in VR so I’m loving it!

This is exactly what the root of our frustrations stem from. They built a very nice Earth simulator - and then stuffed FSX original (pre-Acceleration) into it - with a handful of tweaks in odd directions to make it seem as if more was done. Possible it can be developed eventually into a flight sim - time will tell.


This is what I invested in to Fly this Sim in.
Expected better at the outset but hoping things will improve.
Motherboard: Asus Rog Hero x11 wifi Z490
55" curved oled Tv.
CPU: Intel i9-10900K @5.3mhz per core.
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 turbo
CPU-Cooler: Liquid cooled 240mm
PSU: Kolink 1200watt Platinum
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4/3600mhz
M.2 NVME SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus
M.2 NVME SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus
SSD: NVME Samsung 970 EVO 500GB
5.1 logitech sound system Soundblaster Z.
Next level V3 Motion platform on GT Ultimate rig.
2 Buttkickers on race rig with 300watt earthquake amp.
VR HP Reverb G2
Sim Racing studio wind and tactile generators.
Saitek Quadrant.
Saitek Multi panel.
Alpha Honeycomb flight controls.
Thrustmaster TPR Rudder.

I have pretty much the same feelings as you.

Visuals are stunning but flight dynamics are just not there yet and many other things like incorect taxiways singage which old FSX had.

Flight model set to modern and default Baron with crtical engine shut down can perform aerobatics and climb inverted… That is very sad to say with all due respect.


To be honest if Airliners was my thing and I wasn’t bothered about pretty scenery, XP11 would be my sim of choice and I would not look at FS, not for a while. FS has more potential than any other sim but its new and its going to take time before it reaches the level of other simulators. Patients is required but otherwise, decide what’s important and choose a sim that ticks the most boxes for you.

That is not only about airliners, I don’t want to be pesimistic or critize Asobo (they really did a good job) but almost all of the default aircrafts have issues or missing feature or simplistic flight model. Try to fly inverted with default Cessna 172 in X-plane-11 and you will get indication about loosing oil pressure and engine will stop. Try that same in MS 2020 and you can fly all day all night until fuel runs out. Yea I know what you thinking… 172 is not invented to be flown inverted BUT those small details shape the whole product. Another example is above mentioned Baron, try to fly default Baron in Xplane with critical engine shut down, you will strugle to maintain horizontal flight. Try that same in MS 2020 and you can perform aerobatics.