Just one click please

It would be great to be able to show and hide the HUD with a single click of the keyboard. You always have to go through the options menu. It’s a waste of time.


It is still faster than having to reload the entire flight for the EFIS to power up, or to redo the entire 2H flight because it CTD on final… :innocent:


What’s the HUB?

Pretty sure he means HUD

And there’s a mod for that by Mugz over on flightsim.to. It’s been around since shortly after launch and works great. You can show / hide your HUD with a key.

Weird. I can deploy and stow the HUD with a single mouse click.

Hi there,
If you meant “HUD”, could you kindly click the pencil icon on your first post and change it, to avoid confusion?
Thank you!

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sorry. HUD

Sorry. I was wrong. Thanks

It is the front display of instruments in the external view

Ah ok. I understand.

How I do it?

It’s part of this mod that offers a bunch of UI tweaks. All the instructions you need for it should be on the page.

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How do you do it?

I thought it’s about the HUD, which only exists in the 787, not the external view gaming overlay.

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