Just Re-Downloaded MSFS and Not All Aircraft There

I just downloaded MSFS to my new computer and it only has 2 aircraft, the TBM930 and the Cessna 152. The program I downloaded on my previous laptop was the full version with all aircraft currently with the sim and now on this install it isn’t showing all aircraft only those 2. Is this a new bug or how might I resolve this?


For Example, the A320neo was there previously and now nothing but those two aircraft???

Happened to me too. I had to go into my content manager and install the rest of the standard edition planes, airports, and missions.

This was my 2nd reinstall due to some frequent CTDs, possibly from mods.

Everything runs just fine now, good luck!


It is good to hear I’m not the only one! How did you do that?

Go to profile, content manager, select all, download.

I also did a fresh install today and had to do this.

This is literally the top item in Known Issues at the top of the page.

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Hi, I purchased a high end gamer pc (64 GB RAM, 2 1TB SSD, RTX 2080S), installed WIN10 PRO V2004, installed and update MSFS from MS STORE.
I tried this procedure now for 5 times without success.
I ONLY HAVE 2 AIRCRAFTS IN THE CONTENT MANAGER and Marketplace is greyed out. NO downloads in Content Manager !!
I am very disapointed and stuck.
WHAT went wrong???

Had this problem after an earlier update so did a reinstall and was missing some aircraft. What I discovered through the forums was that your username for microsoft store must be the same on your new pc as on the old. Got me going again.