Just updated to version 1.29.30?

Just restarted sim and got updated to 1.29.30 any news on what’s in it?

i think 310 patch

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No patch notes for it, maybe I have just got in before they have posted them. Was a content update for the maverick thing too.

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It only downloaded one package, the A310.

I had an .exe file update, then a 300MB download and then 1 item in the content manager for the Maverick

What’s the Maverick?

The Top-Gun Special we got earlier this year

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Yup. A310 update. Well, I also got an update from Denver airport but that’s because I mistakenly deleted the folder.

Well, I guess that explains this window that has been sitting here for the past 5 minutes …

Hi all, here is an announcement regarding today’s update:


What i can say, it hasn’t improved visual quality on Xbox

It hasn’t released to Xbox? Unless you’re ve picked it up then they pulled it?

Was it supposed to?

Read the post from iinKWest, two posts above yours.

To clarify, folks, based on the update, it was accidentally pushed out to PC Users using MS Store only and Xbox and Steam users will receive the same update later this week.


Had an update on my Xbox system

Hope that it would have …

Is this new version going to arrive on XBOX for non insider members anytime soon?

Sadly no fix yet for the 310 performance (WASM files still not compiling)… let´s hope they can fix that soon

That is no bug.