Just Won't Run. Son So Disappointed. Thoughts?


My son has a relatively new HP Pavillion desktop with 12 GB of RAM.
a. Should this be adequate, at least for the lowest level of playing ?

b. A real disappointment:
Loaded all the downloads apparently O.K. Many, many GB, many hrs.
But, it won’t play. Not at all.
Hangs up, crashes, etc., etc.

Do you feel this will be corrected in some, hopefully soon, via patches,    
or it won't work without a lot more RAM, and/or a top of the line video  
board ?

c. So disappointed.
How common is this ?

How do we know when a Patch was released ? Any expected soon ?

Any thoughts or comments would be most appreciated.


Does it have a GPU?.. What’s the CPU?

12GB is below recommended but should be barely playable.

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+1 Here, we need more information to help you

I have tested this on a lower end laptop. My experience is that it’s not worth the play.

This sim is very GPU/RAM/Internet intensive and a lot of heat issues on laptops unless that laptop is a gaming laptop with multiple fans (CPU & GPU). At minimum, you do need at least a GTX1070 (or AMD equivalent) and an I5 or I7 (or AMD equivalent). RAM, I have tested with 12, 16 and 32. In my option, 32 is better (but does work with 16).

The sim runs great on my Alienware 17R4 laptop (I7, GTX 1070, 32GB RAM) and all drives are SSD and M2 NVME. Fans sound louder than the prop on the plane. Use a cooling pad. Make sure “Gaming Mode” in Windows 10 is on (no matter if laptop or PC).

Internet: You can have the fastest internet in the world but it’s still limited by MS servers. WiFi (especially on laptops, will tend to overheat) and best to use a wire. We tested this on many different PCs/laptops and WiFi has some issues depending on the type (hardware & software).

I run the game on WiFi (PCE-i card) and a 50 mbps plan. I live in the middle of nowhere Manitoba and have a consistently 74-75ms response time to MSFS servers. I still play it smoothly. I actually run it on ultra as well. My system specs are R5 2600X, RTX 2060, 16GB 3200 mhz RAM.

Not exactly true. I have a I5-4690 / GTX 970 / 16GB PC and it runs very nice, better than Xplane ever did. Looks extraordinary good on my 1080p screen.

That’s great to hear. Never tested on non-built in WiFi chip.

To be honest to you, Msfs2020 is a very modern title that needs at least modern midrange gear to run properly. I don’t know your specs, but regardless, laptops are never recommended for heavy and taxing applications like modern AAA games that are graphics and cpu intensive, as they overheat quickly and therefore throttle cpu and gpu speeds which results in a disappointing experience. I would never attempt to sim on a laptop, personally. Maybe a vanilla FSX can be played, but P3D, X-plane, DCS and Msfs2020 won’t be great on a laptop.

wow guys… yall r doing good… im on a 6700k, 1080 32gig with all m2 ssds and i barely get by
with medium settings… im shopping right now for an new pc…

The difference for me was night/day. I was using a USB WiFi stick though before upgrading to a WiFi 6 PCI-e card. My before and after ping tests were very much satisfying.