JustFlight PA-28 Arrow audio panel


I can’t seem to get the KMA-20 to do what i want it to do, which is send and receive on COM1 and monitor COM2. I have the mic selector on COM 1, and then no matter what i do with the other switches, nothing works. I tried with the AUTO in the middle position, then toggle COM2 through all 3 positions. I tried having the AUTO in Speaker and in Phone, toggled COM2 through all the positions, still no luck. If i switch the mic to COM2 i hear the COM2 frequency.

This is with the GNS530, btw.

Looks like the AUTO switch doesn’t do anything and is always stuck in AUTO.

As far as i understand, the middle position should be off. Moving the AUTO switch either to phone or speaker (not sure what th in-sim functional difference is since we don’t have headset simulation like on A2A planes) will automatically route whatever receiver is paired with the selected MIC channel to the headset. Moving any of the other switches (COM1, COM2, etc) to any other position than the middle should also route them to the headset.

This just doesn’t happen. No matter what i do, i cannot silence COM1 with MIC set to COM1, and i cannot hear COM2 with the MIC set to COM1. If i set MIC to COM2, COM2 now works and i can’t hear COM1. The NAV receivers seem to work just fine, albeit at a very low volume.

So… can no one confirm this?

Really? Is no one flying this plane?