JustFlight, PMDG and co, is the problem the controller? Marketplace, XBox

Hey, this is my first post, so I want to introduce myself. I’m from Germany, so I just use a translator for this longer text because it’s so nice and simple. And yes, I can speak English too. I come from Forza Motorsport and bought a series X because I was looking forward to Motorsport 8. Unfortunately this is always being postponed and Horizon 5 is on its way. I’m not a big Horizon fan, I have many hours and laps on the Nordschleife. When I heard that msfs was coming to series X, I was happy because I never had a strong PC and I was looking forward to the promises “just like on the PC”. Perfect, the new console can still be used. The Flight Simulator has always interested me. I love the simulator, I now have 100+ hours in my account, starting with the 152, then to the skyhawk without a g1000, a bit the kingair and the ju-52. But I keep reading “jf arrows are great”, YouTube reviews say the same. The dc-6 is said to be great. I feel like these birds, but they don’t come on the market. I’m thinking of buying the Piper from carenado, but YouTube and the forum think the justflight are better and I want to wait. I wonder where is the problem? Somehow everything that comes out on the Marketplace should be rubbish. Is it really the controller? It should somehow be clear that the dc-6 cannot be controlled well with the gamepad. I mean, I use the hotas one and I have to readjust the sensitivity every time. I live with it. That’s a different subject. I also use a mouse and keyboard. Now to my question, do the cheap airplanes come because they are so easy to use with the gamepad, because they are not that complex? Couldn’t you publish the pmdg and jf planes saying “they need a keyboard and mouse”. After all, that’s how it works on a PC, doesn’t it?
Why are only airports and hardly any aircraft of quality?
I’m new to the business, maybe I wouldn’t notice things about the CaptainSim and co things, but when I read that they fly really badly, the graphics in the cockpit don’t work, then you’re afraid to pay money for them.
If I look at Youtubers, most of them also fly planes that are not available in the marketplace.
And again, I don’t want to do these things badly, only someone here buys an airplane and is surprised that it has flaws, so sometimes the answer comes up, “If you had come here before, it would not have happened”.
Do you think the problem lies in the complexity or perhaps in problems such as mandatory gamepad binding?

In the hope that these birds and others will soon find their way to the box, we have to wait and see, i guess.


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I’m hoping more aircraft appear on XBox soon too. I guess running Quality Assurance for XBox and looping back to devs to ‘fix’ if there are XBox specific issues takes more time. Especially on the more complex/expensive aircraft.
Scenery maybe easier/faster to do QA on.
New planes are coming in a month from M/S with their SU7 ‘Game of the year’ release so that will be good. I also expect there will be a few in the run up to Christmas.
I bought one or two Carenado aircraft in their sale on PC that are not yet available on XBox so I didn’t miss out on the sale. Can’t wait until they are approved (eg Mooney). The good thing about the marketplace is that when you buy it on one platform it is downloadable on the other at no extra expense - once it is approved.

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I cannot find the source for this at the moment, but I recall that the Fenix A320 would not be released on Xbox due to it requiring an external program. Which obviously is going to be an issue on an Xbox. :man_shrugging:

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Hi there I think the best quality planes won’t come to console mainly due to the limitations of the market place license and the fact that the best planes out there used some sort of running out of sim codes, as well as using external data base for the autopilot flight plan.

In which both isn’t possible to do in the closed system of Xbox.

While Xbox represent a lot of players but those most willing to pay extra cash are old days PC simmers, also just like how some German brands insist on precision control of their products I bet a lot of really quality developers would not settle to make their plane less study level because of Xbox limitations in SDK. That’s why you likely will never see them arriving the Xbox market.


It fly the PMDG DC-6 with an Xbox controller on PC since day one as do many others. PMDG themselves were surprised how many PC players fly with a game controller.

P.S.: The DC-6 is not sold on the PC marketplace either.
I haven’t even read a definitive statement by PMDG that they forwarded it to the marketplace. They only mentioned they were planning to do so.

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Thank you for the answers. I did not know that the DC-6 will also be flown with a gamepad by PC gamers, and I did not expect it. I can only half understand that the autopilot is too complex on some aircraft, I still understand that an A320 Fenix ​​is ​​more complex than a Skyhawk. But in the end it still has to run with the simulator, and I thought the console could do it with the hardware. I didn’t know that external programs would be required, then it makes sense to me in a closed system that it becomes difficult on the console. Still, I’m curious to see when Arrow, Warrior, Milviz pc-6, and the DC-6, which I have been waiting for, and others will come, because they should run on a console. I also have to admit that I was really impressed by the kingair 350i. Then I tried the buttons in the cockpit and noticed that a large part is not simulated. After these videos from the 3rd party manufacturers, I saw a new world, fuses can be removed, windows open, many buttons can be operated. Small planes, many functions, simply more details. Nothing against the main aircrafts, because I’m a too big noob to determine whether the flight characteristics are realistic, but I like it when the engine gets too warm, for example when you fly with too much power. It’s these little things that make a simulation.

Fenix is simply putting a professional software called Prosim into MSFS.

it’s logical they need to run external software in the background.

Some other planes that right now need external software (many helicopters) do so because MSFS is still developing and I suspect once more features come to MSFS (PC and Xbox), the need to run external sofware will be gone for those cases.

Despite all the marketing, MSFS is still a Beta software which is missing many features that are planned. I suspect it will be a somewhat finished release software by early 2023.
This is a 10 year prject as Microsoft mentioned. Just be patient and enjoy what we have already.

Quality assurance? I don’t think there is any.

They do apply DRM and encrypt the marketplace add ons though.

There must be some rudimentary qa criteria or why else delay some items from being released en masse. I already saw a ref to some planes needing xbox tweaks. Presumably to meet some qa criteria, or maybe just usability criteria? The last thing they want is an add on dragging whole console down though.