JustFlight Warrior and GTN750 bug

When switching to the GTN750 (free version), its screen content is only visible when I move the camera with the mouse. As soon as I release the mouse button, it turns black.
Any idea?

After updating the Warrior last week, the GTN was blank for me also. So I updated the GTN to the latest version as well, and that fixed it for me.

Unfortunately, I have the very latest GTN750.

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I reported a bug with the GPS100 not turning on correctly when spawning on runway with the Warrior . I had to click "ready for takeoff " in the tablet to get it powered up. I’m wondering if it’s related although I haven’t seen this issue specifically. Are you up to date with GTN750 mod and any other Garmin mods GNS530 etc. If so does the GNS530 do the same thing or is it just the GTN?

Yes I have the latest. Only the GTN does that.

You could try disabling the GNS mod if you have it. One of their suggestions when I reported the GPS100 non startup was to remove any other Garmin mods. Just an idea to try narrowing things down. I think they said there would likely be an updated warrior release post SU8 at some point. I will try out the GNS750 tonight on the Warrior. I don’t use GPS much on this aircraft though.

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Disabling and reenabling does nothing.
Also checked I have the latest GNS530.
Only GTN has the issue.

Starting ready to take off on runway or in another config? Have you tried removing the GNS530 temporarily? I’m firing up FS to go take a look.

Whatever the config.
Tried removing the GNS530 mod too.

Seems ok on my end. It’s visible without me panning around cockpit. Do you have the latest nvidia drivers installed? I’m on 511.79 with v0.3.3 of the Warrior. GTN750 is latest version v2.1.18. This is also with Warrior pre started up on the runway, which is what causes the default GPS100 ( if you have it selected) not to start up properly until you hit ‘ready for takeoff’ in tablet. This was fine before this latest warrior release. Not sure if this is related to what you are seeing though. Maybe try saving state and changing to different GPS unit then coming back in and doing the same again but with the GTN. Maybe the saved state needs ‘flushed out’ somehow as it’s remembering a previously installed version or something?

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As an off chance did you make sure you don’t have an older copy of the GTN still in your community folder maybe named differently?

Thanks for the try.
Yes latest nvidia here.
Latest GTN and Warrior.
No signs of another GTN750 anywhere…

I think I’m due for a reinstall of the Warrior and see.

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that’s certainly the next option.

Do you have honeycomb hardware?

Yes, bravo. Why?

Check the switch 46/47 of the bravo. It forces to off an electric avionics circuit.


You are my hero!

So, this is quite logical that the switch interferes, but still strange that you get the visual when panning the camera…

Many thanks!


Aerosoft have been saying something about a key binding causing people with the Twin Otter to turn their avionics on and off while holding right click to pan.

Could be something similar or even the same root cause.

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