Justflight warrior

just bought it this morning but hangs right at the end
loading the plane and flight sim. it gets to the end but
never gives the fly now button. I just downloaded it
so I should have the latest copy.

Needs an update for SU5 + Hotfix. Not yet available…

The JustFlight Arrows/Warrior do need to be updated but shouldn’t hang from what I’ve seen. I’d start by removing everything else from the community folder and see if you can get the Warrior to work

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Yep, doesn’t hang for me either.

GNS 530/430 won’t turn on from Cold&Dark when flicking battery switch though, but they turn on when selecting “ready for takeoff” via EFB.
That’s an issue that doesn’t affect the Arrows, only the Warrior.

Anyway, lots of smaller issues but hanging in the preflight animation is not one of them for me.

tried removing everything from community still same problem. How do I get the update when it comes out, do I go look for it , comes in an email, auto update?

You’ll get an Email once there is an update.

still waiting

It’s weekend. No need to post if you don’t have anything to say.

I waited for the plane to come out on msfs 2020market place because its much easier than having different planes from different sites and then theres updating issues but I gave up on waiting. If you buy it on msfs then its up to date all the time. I gave in and bought it before it hit the market and boy did I make a big mistake, they sell the planes on the weekends but no hurry to update them. never again I will always buy directly from msfs market for this reason. I have bought a couple of planes not on market place but when they came on the market place I bought them again so they would always be up to date. never again. I do have something to say, I’m warning others not to buy off market place or you run the chance of waiting a long time for updates, stay away from buying for now.

It does not make any difference where you buy it as long as they haven’t released an update. So far noone has got an update.

Oh, and since you bought it from Marketplace my comment regarding getting an Email was incorrect. The Marketplace doesn’t send you an email you either have to check manually or see in the weekly development update whether your products have got an update.

But in general I don’t like the marketplace either, many reasons for that.

As for your issue regarding hanging during loading: I do not have this issue even now, but can’t tell you if it is due to the difference of having bought it from JF directly or if you have a bug that I simply don’t.

In any case I suggest you contact JustFlight support since this forum here is the wrong location to get any more help than publicly available.

thats not true, if you buy on msfs it is not uptodate all the time.
it takes much longer for updates to appear in store than straight form creator.
this is the main reason i wont buy on mp again.


And so far, you’re the only person who’s said anything about it hanging when it starts. (I’m not necessarily saying you are the only person, only that nobody else has said anything.)

I purchased my version from Just Flight, so I don’t know what might be different between your setup and mine that you’re experiencing a hang. Sorry you’re experiencing that.

I tried contacting them and I’m sent to a third party that handles that and that process is a mess, its for many different inanities. I delt with that before with xplane addon. I gave up quick on contacting through a third party. Every time msfs has an update the planes and airports are also updated so far for me anyway.

JF Warrior works fine for me, just a couple simple bugs, but definitely flyable.

Another reason I don’t use the Marketplace…
But I am sorry you have to deal with it now.

I did send in a ticket and all I’m getting is crickets.

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Maybe that’s just because they don’t have a solution yet? JustFlight support is usually quite communicative but you usually only hear something once they either require more information or have found/fixed the issue and tell you that it’ll be included in the next update.

You’ve got to be patient. Just fly other aircraft for the time being, they’re fun too.

Warrior and Arrow updates pending. Includes some SU5 fixes with more to come.

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I have now the same problem to after su5 update. Before update was everthing fine and loaded well.
There’s now an update for the warrior but does not work. Still stuck in de load screen.
BTW bought it by Just flight store.

Do you have the latest version of the Warrior. JustFlight released a new version yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to install it yet. You may want to jump on the JustFlight forum and see if anyone is having the same issue