Justsim EDDS Navdata missing

Navdata ist missing in the justsim EDDS Stuttgart Airport so i can’t use IFR SID/STAR. Only visual approaches are possible.

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I can confirm, no ILSs, SIDs, STARs, Approaches, transitions, nothing. You just can fly VFR or buy a data subscription to NAvigraph.

(I got this answer from the developer)

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The beta app is for free… but in order to use it you must have a paid navigraph data subscription.

Both Sim-market and the developer are aware of this issue. They put the problem to the simulator itself (EDDS is not included). So, if you are thinking to buy this EDDS to fly IFR, my advice would be to look somewhere else, or you will waste your money as it seems I did.

(EDIT) and I just noticed my Sim market account has been blocked.

Now, that we have EDDS included, I still can’t use ILS.
If I install the Asobo Airport, i think it should work. But if I want to use the JustSim Airpot, I need to remove the Asobo Version and then ILS is no longer working.
Anyway to set this up correctly?