JustyFlight PA28 Arrow III propeller won't stop spinning after engine off

Well, as the title says, propeller won’t stop spinning. Engine is off, mixture is 0%, magnetos are off, engine rpm reads 0, master switch is off, fuel selector is off, but the prop keeps spinning and the whole plane is shaking like the engine is in the middle of shutting down after cutting the mixture, but it doesn’t stop. It’s done this before the latest patch, and it’s doing it now.

Any ideas?

I also had that with version 0.2.0… There was a 14 knot wind from behind, but I doubt that would be enough to turn the prop over, or would it? After a while it suddenly stopped. It only happened once and never again, but I caught a video of it:

Sorry for the bad quality, but having to cram everything into less than 5MB for the forum does that. :wink:

I’ve had that sudden stop too. But not in my last flight. I waited for about 5 minutes, then started writing the post above. After i posted it i quit the flight and the prop was still spinning.

I have exactly the same problem.
If anybody has a solution, that would be great…

There is a little collar behind the mixture lever, which is an interlock to prevent you shutting down in flight. It isnt easy to see unless you look for it and this is your answer. Once located you can lean it out until it stops.

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Nope. The propeller keeps spinning with the engine off, which is what i said in the initial post:

I appreciate the input, but did you read the post?

Also, this looks to be an FS2020 bug caused by high wind causing the propeller to windmill.

Did I read the full post? No. Too busy at present and was just grabbing the last few frames of it, but having been caught by the same thing myself, simply wanted to share it.

Apologies Cristi. Thought you were talking to me.

Thanks for your answer.
But as @CristiNeagu already said, everything’s turned off and the prop is still spinning.
Also it happens with different aircraft …

That’s a point. I had it happen yesterday and you’re right, the place I landed had a 25 kn crosswind.

I will file a bug report to zendesk although I do not expect too much.