KA350 mods

Is there any community mod for the King Air that attempts to fix the many issues with it?
I searched around but could not find anything but I’m wondering if I missed something.
I’d really like to have a working twin turboprop and not this mess that is the current implementation.

Hi there,
There is a new category, “Third Party Addons”, where any questions about mods and third-party aircraft can be discussed. I have moved your post there. The old Aircraft category has been renamed to “Default Aircraft” and is only for the aircraft that come with MSFS, un-modded.

Somebody in the forums had done a mod. This might not be the only one, but this is what I found:

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thanks, I didn’t know of that mod existence.

I saw that many users can’t disable the yoke.
to fix that simply remove the folder “model” with the xml content and remove the respective line in the layout.json file.
now the yoke gets hidden.
I have no idea if removing that file has any other effect on the mod though and it appears that the original author is not developing it any further.

but so far I managed to make a flight and it seems an improvement over the stock disaster.

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