KADW - Andrews - CTD Analysis by Community contributions

don’t know, sometimes to read some property n,ot present on all computer. all software have these king of things. nto necessary read by the sim but by some libs used.

just monitoring the startup of the sim, millions of event are logged by procmon.

Maybe I’ll try at least adding that Registry folder, and see what happens !!!
It might get a bit further and the error message say what in that new folder it is trying to read/write

you know, on the full log, there are thousands of missing keys !

But it is strange that an exclusion bgl cannot remove this building. i will try tomorrow. it is easier now because i can use the in sim editor to make an exclusion bgl with accuracy without having the ctd.

Thanks to all that contributed to this fix. You guys are superstars!
I thought it would be forever for Asobo to get to this but thanks to this forum and contributors we are back to flying in this popular area. Again thanks for the hard work. Much appreciated,

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I continue to be impressed with the ingenuity of this community!

Fantastic work sorting out a temporary work around until the issue gets a more formal ‘fix’ by the developers.

@trex5365 The posts in the logged bugs thread should be enough to alert where the exact issue seems to be concentrated e.g. (https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/pc-ctd-both-safe-mode-and-normal-location-specific-washington-dc-mall/464127/74)

@N6722C I hope you don’t mind but I edited this post slightly (in the bug thread) (https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/pc-ctd-both-safe-mode-and-normal-location-specific-washington-dc-mall/464127/74) and mentioning it as a temporary work around, and marked it as a solution in that bug thread for greater visibility.


Great work guys! Thank you.

Now go fly somewhere else… there is a whole world out there to explore!

Update: 20/26/2021

Direct from Asobo:
“Asobo was able to repro the crash and an engine dev is having a look.” :+1:


Source for the above:



Really great of everyone that put the efforts in! Now i can finally fly my CRJ routes around KIAD/KDCA again :slight_smile:

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I just had an awesome flight in WT CJ4 KDCA-KTEB that would not have been possible before this fix :grin:

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I have tried making exclusion scenery (rectangle and polygon) on various location on the area without any success. Even if we exclude the faulty object and the sim doesn’t show it, the sim loads it and so, crash. it is in hands of Asobo now.

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Thanks for trying, but your breakthrough is finding a temporary fix was fantastic, and now at least we can fly in that area again :+1:
I wonder if Asobo will ever share what caused the issue, and what the fix was … many of us now have a vested interest

When I remove the bldo010.cgl file it causes the default airport terminals to disappear. Does anyone else get this or am I doing something wrong?

When I add the file back the terminals reappear but the CTDs continue near college park/Andrews AFB area.

Same here at KDCA. I have the Drzewiecki add on which enhances KADW. So I decided I would rather keep KADW being able to fly around that area, and will live with the mess at KDCA.

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I’ve chosen to live without the terminal in favor of eliminating CTD in the DC metro region.

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I just hope we don’t have to wait till SU7

There are flight restrictions as shown on the Skyvector map for the DC area. On my PC, FS2020 flying or planning IFR VFR flights into the red circle will send the game into a CTD. I wasn’t aware that FS2020 flight sim followed over flight restrictions in certain air space. Ref: Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 91 and amendments. Just a thought.


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Yes, removing the file remove some buildings. No choice waiting for an official fix.

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