Kahului, Maui - Near Zero Vis Landing!

Hi fellow simmers,

This is what flight simming is all about! No studders, only butter. Brand new experimental version FBW A320NX. I know there have been issues, but when it’s good, it’s REALLY GOOD!

  • bob, a.k.a. “Tiger”
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Nice work, Tiger! Yeah - the wx out here in Hawaii is ■■■■ the last few days. Near where I am (PHNG) on Oahu, they’re calling for thunderstorms and 2" per hour rain around 1200-1400 local. :open_mouth:

Not sure where you originated, but if it was in the Islands we’re gonna need you to slap a HAL (Hawaiian Airlines) livery on there. :wink:

Oh, and Northern Sky make a fantastic PHOG scenery. The default stuff in the state out here is… poop. (What AI traffic mod do you have installed? I saw liveries at the gates!)

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