Kai Tak VHHX guidance lights

Hi all,im playing on xbox series x,and flying the a320neo default in kai tak VHHX airport,iv notice on approach to runway the guidance lights over the buildings dont actually work until the plane has just about touch down at kai tak. I find it hard to do the approach with no guidance lights helping me,and trying to see where the lights are when the city is so bright at night,i also have the hong kong city enhancement installed,and the kai tak airport im flying into is the Asobo version that came with the 40th anniversary update. Is anyone else having this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Yes I agree it becomes more of an issue when full dark,strangely you can see the lights much more clearly looking back from the runway,they need brightening from the approach side.

Noticed that no lights for checkerboard and runway at night :frowning:

Yes, Xbox and PC, it is a general issue with the running rabbits, they were very visible from far away in the early versions, but suddenly after an update, SU5 i think, they are very weak and become like strobes just passing over them.
You can open a ticket about this, I’m tired to request things with no answer or any feed back from Asobo.

Same thing here, the curve guidance lights is only loading when I am over it, it very dim before, I will also try to raise the issue with Asobo