KAP 140 Baro

I find it strange that the KAP 140 barometer setting is in HPA and not InHg when flying in the USA. Is this realistic?

Try holding the BARO button down until it switches.


awesome, cheers

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Also keep in mind, there’s a bit of a “bug” in the sim. Even changing the BARO on the KAP to line up with the Altimeter doesn’t always keep things “in sync”.

Work around is to just press B on the keyboard to sync everything up.

what’s the bug?

and doesn’t pressing that reset button just change the pressure to 29.92?

The bug is basically even though you have those both set the same, the altitude is still a bit off. And hitting B syncs them both to what the sim has for the pressure at your location, if you’re flying with live weather off and clear skies then yes 29.92 which is default.

Otherwise it’ll set it to whatever it should be.

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