KAP140 AP .. what is "correct" - Real world - turn on VS

The Pilots Manual for the KAP140 states, than when the AP is turned on, it captures the Planes current VS,

But if the Pilot tries to turn it on with excessive Plane VS, what 'should" it do in RW ?

  1. Not turn on (and sound warning )
  2. Turn on, capturing that excessive VS
  3. Turn on, capturing a preset min or max VS

Currently, in MSFS it always turns on, and always set the VS to 0 ft/min – which is just obviously so so so wrong.

So the question is, what does the RW AP do ???

Note: the Pilots manual for the KAP140 “leaves out” what the unit does when the pilot tries to turn it on with excessive VS.

Yes, the Pilot should not try to engage the AP, when in a high VS state, but what happens in RW if they try ??

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