KATL ILS Approach runway 27R issue

Airbus A320 Neo

When on ILS Approach to KATL runway 27R, the purple diamond indicators on vertical and horizontal axis of flight display to indicate glideslope and localizer never show up. I have gone through this sequence on 50+ different airports with this plane successfully. Every time I attempt approach to KATL, I never get the purple diamond indicators for localizer. So, this renders approach mode completely useless on the approach. I have confirmed that I am on correct approach frequencies, etc. I enjoy getting practice of manual landing but wonder if there are any suggestions as to what might be different about KATL on ILS approach.

Steps to reproduce:
Fly ILS approach 27R in Airbus A320 to KATL. FD and LS are ON, Auto Throttle and AP1 are engaged. Attempt to engage approach mode and the aircraft will never capture the glideslope or localizer.

Issue has existed since first installation through all updates since 1/2021.

Microsoft Store version

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Think I may know what the issue is. At KATL the primary runways for takeoff are 27R and 26L (westbound). Landing pattern is for 27L and 26R. Wonder if when selecting an ILS approach for one of the primary takoff runways, that ILS approach is in fact not setup and therefore not an option. Should it show up as a selection in the flight plan if that is the case?

There are definitely problems with KATL approach to any runway. My Cessna Citation Longitude veers off the approach and starts doing circles.

I’ve tried ILS approach on just about all the runways. At first, it would never even allow me to use the localizer. In recent patch, the localizer now appears but it appears to be at the very center of the airport. So, no matter which runway, localizer will take you to the control tower rather than the approach for any of the specific runways. Any landing in KATL requires manual, which is fine, but somewhat annoying for the realism aspect.

Still an issue. Didn’t work on 27L or 26R.

I have the same problem with the Cessna Longitude.