KATL Pathing Issues Stops Ai from Taking off (and getting stuck on taxiway)

Had the same issue, per another thread the problem is in fact related to missing or broken holding points. Kai3 posted this and I gave it a try.

KATL is great now. This only covers a few airports at the moment but it appears they are working on others

On a related note, ground control never gives me specific taxiways to follow to departure runway at KATL. It only says something like “Follow taxiways to 27R” not “Folow taxiways ZBMYY9 to 27R” etc.

Anyone else having this problem at KATL? Im using the generic MSFS KATL airport. Thx.

I just tried that airport parking mod that you linked to and did not see any difference at KTAL. Planes still don’t take off. I don’t use AIG if that makes a difference. I tried it with the built in live traffic and with FSLTL. If it is a parking mod, was it supposed to fix that problem anyway?

Per the original post it has only been tested with AIG Traffic Controller. I have not tried it with other injectors. Sorry, should have mentioned that.

I’m using it with AIG as I type and aircraft are taking off without issue. I’ll try FSLTL and see what happens .

No AI Departures at KATL, default nor payware scenery using FSLTL.

I have used the AFCAD update from AIG with both AIG and FSLTL, in both cases traffic is departing. AIG seems to work better and that makes sense as this was (is) developed and tested with and by AIG.

Do you have traffic taxing to the runway but not taking off or is nothing moving at all? If the latter is the case, try setting Ground Aircraft slider to at least 1 if it is not there or above already. Sometimes that has worked for me in the past.

Traffic moves and lines up on the runway and sits until they time out and disappear. Perhaps the fact that you have AIG still installed while using FSLTL makes the difference. I just have no desire to use AIG. Thanks for checking.

No problem. I don’t think it’s a conflict with AIG/FSLTL. But like you said, it most likely needs at least some reference on your system to operate.

I might try uninstalling AIG and see what happens now that you mention it. It’s time and frustration, right? :wink: :smile:

Sorry it’s not working for you.

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I went to KLAX and observed the traffic where it works correctly. I noticed the AI traffic at LAX pauses for a few seconds at the hold short line before entering the runway like they received clearance for takeoff. That doesn’t happen for me at KATL, they just keep moving straight onto the runway without a pause. I’m also using the steam version of FS, although one would hope that would not make a difference except for the fact that the path to where files are located can differ. Just to be clear, I located the AFCAD folder in my community folder. That is the correct location, right? Is there a way to tell if the AFCAD files are even running? It’s supposed to be a solution for correctly parking, but I don’t know how to tell if a plane is in the right or wrong parking location. Maybe it’s not running at all.

Yes the AFCAD file should be in your community folder, at least that is where mine is located. As for planes not holding at KATL, it dose seem a little odd that KLAX appears ok but not ATL.

Do the planes that fail to hold short take off or just park and sit? If there are no aircraft on final and no other plane lined up and waiting they may be simply getting cleared for immediate takeoff. You might be able to listen to ATC transmissions to tell.

Could be a STEAM version issue, but like you said, I don’t know why it would be either.

I assume you are running it with AIG traffic. Again, this was developed and tested by and only with AIG so if you are using the standard sim traffic, FSLTL or something else this may some cause issues.

Like the above, I assume you are not using a 3rd party KATL scenery mod.

Aside from these I can’t tell you why ATL does not seem to be working. Sorry, wish I had more answers for you.

The planes that fail to hold short never stop until they are lined up on the runway. Then they stop and sit until they time out and vanish. I do not use AIG. Results are the same using the default version of KATL or a third party version available on the in game store.

That was the issue I was having originally without the AFCAD mod.

I will say that as of today I am not getting any flights to taxi out now, with or without the mod. Strange, changed nothing, now nothing wants to works. This is with both AIG or FSLTL.

One thing I did not ask was do you have the sim Aircraft Density setting above zero, at least 1? There has been some discussion that a setting of zero will cause issues. With that said changing it on my system today has made no difference.

I’ve tried the density setting at multiple settings. Never made a difference about traffic taxing or leaving the gate that I’ve ever noticed. I’ve heard others post about a bug concerning that setting but I’ve never seen a traffic difference if it was set at 0 or higher.

Ok, mind blown here. I got it working although I don’t understand why. I talked to the guy who wrote the parking mod and he suggested I remove the KATL airport file. I moved the folder named “microsoft-airport-Katl-atlanta” from the folder called “Official”, and saved it in another place on the drive. I restarted the sim fully expecting the game to crash or have the airport completely missing from the map. I brought up the world map but the airport was still there to select. However the gate numbers had all changed. I always pick gate C47 to observe traffic with the drone camera. C47 had changed to C127. I assumed the parking mod changed them, but maybe not as I will explain. Anyway I loaded the airport and watched the traffic. They now stop at the hold short line and then proceed to the runway, line up and take off. Just for laughs I removed the parking mod from the community folder to see what would happen. Nothing changed. The gate numbers stayed the same and traffic takes off. So my conclusion is the parking mod had no effect, and the whole problem from the beginning was the airport file I removed. What I don’t understand is, why is the airport there and working when I removed the airport folder?? Anyway I’m marking this as being solved.

After further examination, the files in the folder I removed must only add handcrafted elements to the airport at KATL. I noticed that the airport hotel and the Delta museum and their static display aircraft are gone. That would explain why the basic airport is still there. So some file in the handcrafted files is what keeps the AI from taking off. I have noticed though, that taxing aircraft are getting stuck in some places while taxing to the gates. I tried reinstalling the 3rd party version of KATL from the market place and all the handcrafted elements are back and the AI do take off, but traffic is still getting stuck taxing to the gates.

Glad to hear you finally got it working. I’m going to give you findings a try and see what happens. Good work and thanks for the heads up.

Learned more info. So the KATL airport folder was added in one of the USA world updates. So if those updates are not installed what you see is the base airport when the sim first came out, which works correctly. So it turns out that removing that folder just gives you the base airport. That could explain why some people see take offs and some don’t if they never did the USA updates. It looks like the file called KATL-Airport.bgl is the one responsible for the take off problem. I assume you would need the sdk software to look at the code to correct what ever is messed up.

Hi Brandydog01. i forgot to tell you to download AFCAD update from Flightsimto. install it to the community. this should get your aircraft taking off from KATL and all the other airports. try it with the default katl. but still dot run the ai ground. let me know how it goes.