KBDL Trees

I flew to Bradley with some friends and I have trees growing up on the ramp/apron ? My friends did not have the same issue. Any ideas, please ?

Looks like the AI went a little to far. Those are placed at runtime / on the go by Blackshark’s “AI” algorithms. Maybe the algorithm isn’t fully deterministic if others don’t have the issue.

Is your photogrammetry on? Often that determines the display of trees.


Correct, IOW, if Photogrammetry is off, trees can be placed in wrong locations.

Another question I’d have about this particular case… Is this the default airport or the LVFR payware?

Thanks for your replies. Photogrammetry is off as I have very slow internet speed and this is the LatinVFR rendition of Bradley.

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I just tested with photogrammetry on and the trees have disappeared.

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