All - Wrote out wonderful tutorial showing how to Cold and Dark 747. Setup test flight, over 3 hours to fly it on route subject stated. Flight went smooth, took off, no issues, engaged AP, made sure Flight Plan was in FMC, selected my STAR based on approved Charts, selected my RW ILS 32R. Everything proceding as normal, got to 14 miles away from airport, decending to 2800’ per ATC direction, and what the heck, all of a sudden ATC comes and says to ascend to 15,000’ what the xkxkx. Followed instructions, immediately decleared missed approach, got vectored back around, and then 3 miles out, ATC go around. I have had it, I really have, spend hours playing around in this mess and it screws me up every single time I try for a ILS approach, it either cannot find airport, or does something like the above. HAVE HAD IT. Leaving on PC, will fly the F-14 VFR to enjoy the scenery, but I am done trying to get this stinking game to perform like is should. Yeah the scenery is wonderful, who the heck has time for scenery when ATC is screwing up my Flight plan. I flew the Virtivia C-17 GM-III from Kabhal, Afghanistan back to the planes home base Jackson, MS, USA, and not ONE time, did ATC screw me up, not one time. My FP’s were executed right on the money, every single ILS approach perfect, even some visual approaches were top notch. It’s impossible to play this game even remotely being like a professional because the game screws me up. NO, aint going to get fake co-pilot to handle things, I did not need one in FSX. The tutorial however seemed to work fine from Cold and Dark 747 on parking ramp. All my steps are in line with what real plane might have to go through sans, the pilots computer which is INOP. Found the lights will turn on in Honeycomb TQ, even though mouse wont make them work. It is so ■■■■ frustrating, have just had it. Gone. And what is the point of Zendesk this because we have been complaining about ATC since game release. they REFUSE TO FIX STUFF. I don’t give a rodents behind, Norway, Finland, etc, cannot fly the stinking plane properly because of ATC. No, just not interested in Bush Trip, not my cup of tea. Want to make this work, but it hoses me every single time. BY.

All - I have had a day (more yardwork) to give this one more shot. I am going to try to setup flight from KOMA round robin and use the same STAR I plugged in the last time. Again, gives me one more time to check my “checklist on cold and dark” to make sure it is complete. If it hoses me again, done here period, just to frustrating and I just do not find GA and bush trips exciting. I fly for the technical and “real world potential” associated with big iron planes. Will report on progress within evening today.

Did as above, plane performed perfect till I was distracted by BH at point of landing. Crashed. Will do it again, and see what happens. I can say, ATC wants me to go one way, and the world map plan has me going another way. Using the APP button plane did line up perfectly, but did not have plane configured like it should have been, hence crash. Going to fly this till I get it right, lots going on at time of landing. Need to figure how to arm spoilers, have not been successful using Bravo Throttle Quadrant, and cannot find any videos which have done it. I have it working on TQ, but the arming position not at all. Go figure, did it in FSX, and they arm fine and deploy.

All - I have checked my Cold and dark startup list 5 times, and it’s good to go. I will attempt to post in “tutorials” section.

So I setup and re-flew KOMA to KOFF. atc routed me correctly based on FP as put into world map. I missed altitude change to 3000, so I had to really struggle to get down there. Plane did not want to follow GS, but again, that might have been me. It did have correct RW and ILS Frequency in FMC. I did get her down and it was a rough one, but did not crash. I need to find a way to practise landings, as this bird is heavy. Not Sure if Slew Mode works in MSFS. Going to find place where can do touch and go’s. If I practice landings about 15 times I will get it down good. MSFS is way more realistic than FSX when landing, lots of noise, even when you feather it in. So it’s way better than at release, and better than WU5, as that mess up lots of stuff. Still got some work to do.