KCFO Taxi Lights Issue #pc

Have you used Developer Mode?

PC Specs:
Windows 10 Pro 64
Version 21H2
OS Build 19044.1526

MFS Version

Intel i7-8700K @3.7GHz
32GB Ram
ASUS Super 2070 8GB Turbo Graphics
500 GB Samsung 860 SSD MFS Dedicated

Area of the World / Flight Plan: United States
Denver, Colorado
Airport (If applicable):
Feedback/Bug Description:
No taxi lights on field. Runway lights are ok. Verified with restart.

[ ] Multiplayer session or [X] solo flight

Multiplayer settings: [ ] Live Players [X] All Players [ ] Group Only

Weather settings: Live

3rd party addons you were using at the time: WT NXi, Navigraph Navdata, AFC_Bridge for Honeycomb Bravo

Server: [X] East USA [ ] North Europe [ ] West USA [ ] West Europe [ ] SE Asia

Peripherals: Honeycomb Alpha, Bravo; Saitek Rudder

(PC) Are you using DX12? No

Fixed in World Update 9.