KCRP Photogrammetry bug

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At KCRP, oy cannot hide sawtoothed ground imagey. It cann be excluded, and attempts to cover it with aprons or polygons yeilds a bleed-through problem. Even ProjectedMesh does not cover the ground imagery. Even aerial imagery has no effect. The solution is to turn off Photogrammetry, which makes me believe this is a bug in that system,
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Just go to KCRP
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I get the sawtooth edge on one side of the airport with Dev mode “OFF”, and all online data turned on (other than real weather for this shot). But my screen wasn’t nearly as bad an effect as yours showed. I also noted some other fields to the east of the airport that had the same sawtooth edge effect but no major “smudging”.
Not sure what else the differences are, but it is something that needs fixing.