KDFW Ground texture problem - PC

Did a very quick test after updating the sim to SU13 + Content Manager updates. For me, runway 17R/35L is not usable with PG on… will try again later to see if turning PG off is still a work around. I have rolling cache turned off. I also did a full reboot after all of the updates.


Yeah, this issue definitely isn’t fixed (for me at least). Just tried to take off from runway 18R and it’s completely unusable.

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I still see the same in my simulator as well. Although there was a change in the behavior today FYI @Hester40MT


  1. Loaded in cold/dark at KDFW Gate D25A in 787-8 (different planes have the same outcome)
  2. Switch to Drone Cam View
  3. Set Drone speed to 250
  4. Maneuver the drone view from D25A to the Southbound runways, 17,18. Observed that the runways and tiles were all perfectly normal.
  5. Continue around to the North side. Observe runways 35, 36, 31 still have terrain tearing, blurry textures, bumps/walls in runways and taxiways
  6. Continue back around to the Southbound runways again and find that they now also have issues. the same tearing and bumps as seen before, but that were not present when I initially loaded.

There’s something about the dynamic loading of higher detail tiles that happens on initial load and as the camera moves that, for whatever reason, sometimes returns these broken tiles and injects them into the scenery.

I am not using Rolling Cache, or downloaded Map Tiles.

Update: I just tried to replicate this, and was unsuccessful. The tiles were bad from the initial load. I did just uninstall Rex Accuseason to see if that may be contributing to the issue, but it did not have any effect. I’m at a loss. It just seems like the tiles I’m downloading are bad, but I have seen from others that their scenery is perfect.


Still messed up for me, even tried to uninstall and reinstall DFW still no dice.

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The same thing happened to me,

Yesterday after updating SU13, I started the flight from RW 36R and everything look’s normal.

But today I spawned on the same RW 36R, and now the ground and runway markings look blurry again… very weird…

I’ll try to uninstall City Update 3 Texas to get rid of the bad photogrammetry data on texas area and I hope it would fix this issue as temporary workaround.

I tried that too and it had no effect. But good luck, all the same.

I am able to get rid of KDFW blurry ground issue after removing USA - 3D Photogrammetry Cities package.

Apparently the culprit is that PG city update from World Update X: USA

For now, the only silly solution to have KDFW fixed is by:

  • Disabling Photogrammetry completely, or
  • Removing USA - 3D Photogrammetry Cities from Content Manager.

The 2nd option works best for me (removing PG cities from WU 10)
Make sure to quit MSFS and start it again after removing the PG package

FYI. By removing WU10 PG Cities, You will only lose these PG cities (which is fine for me):

  • Albany
  • Arlington
  • Boise
  • Charleston (West Virginia)
  • Disney – Kissimmee – Windermere
  • Eugene
  • Key Largo
  • Lansing
  • Lynchburg
  • Olympia

The problem is the World Update X:USA , USA - 3D Photogrammetry Cities. The Arlington city is very close to the DFW and for some reason there is a conflict between these two sceneries. Unfortunately you can’t customize the installation to install all other cities but the Arlington. For now a temporary solution is deleting the USA - 3D Photogrammetry Cities. For me it solved the DFW airport issues. DFW is my home airport and I would easily close my eyes on other cities for it. Let me know if it worked for you or not.


This does appear to resolve the issue. @Hester40MT - I’m sure you would agree that not using content provided for the sim is not really a “solution”

I hope this information can be provided to the devs for a quick patch soon. I love using Photogrammetry in the cities to have the sim looking as realistic as possible.

Appreciate all the support from everyone.


Writing this for those that missed it: While we further investigate and fix this issue, as a workaround, you could uninstall “WU 10 USA - 3D Photogrammetry Cities” in order to fix the KDFW Ground texture issue temporarily.


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I can also confirm that deleting the 'USA Photogrammetry Cities" incl. Arlington solves the issues.

I would like to add that it also solves another, related problem at KDAL.
At Dallas Love Field (DAL / KDAL) the threshold and first 1000’ of runway 13R at Dallas Love Field are heavily blurred (as well as the approach path), regardless whether the default airport or the iBlueYonder add-on is used. Deleting photogrammetry for Arlington also solves this issue.

Thanks for the help.


Ah yes, Arlington TX, PG that makes sense. Can we get a time line for a fix? Please don’t mark this as solved because a workaround and a solve are different.


Just wanted to chime in with an update. I have everything installed and up-to-date including the world/city updates. As of the last time I checked, DFW is now working completely fine. I am on a Series X with photogrammetry enabled and all the rest as I said.

And I have to say, it may be the best looking Asobo airport I’ve seen yet. A shame that it was hidden for so long.

Update on the KGFW ground issue. If you also delete the airport ground enhancement pack and close out Microsoft Flight Sim and relaunch it. It will fix the ground issue.

This issue is not existing on Xbox X. Only some/all PC users have the issue. I checked the DFW on Xbox X at the same time and it was fine.

That’s simply not true at all. I am on Xbox and had this issue until recently. There was an entire thread regarding the issue on Xbox that got merged with this one as far as I can tell.

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As you mentioned above this issue is already fixed on Xbox. I was talking about current issues not passed/fixed ones. At this time Xbox users can fly to/from DFW with WU 10 USA - 3D Photogrammetry Cities installed with no problem. But, some if not all still have ground/elevation issue on their PC.

Not sure why these issues are being marked as “fixed” . I’ve even gone as far as reformatting my computer and completely starting over from scratch. It’s so bad that if it comes up in my route in A Pilots Life I just use xPlane.

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Deleting the Cities Update did NOT solve my issues on runway 17L / 35R. Elevation still a mess, although it did not cause my 737 to jump.

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