KDFW Ground texture problem - PC

This does appear to resolve the issue. @Hester40MT - I’m sure you would agree that not using content provided for the sim is not really a “solution”

I hope this information can be provided to the devs for a quick patch soon. I love using Photogrammetry in the cities to have the sim looking as realistic as possible.

Appreciate all the support from everyone.


Writing this for those that missed it: While we further investigate and fix this issue, as a workaround, you could uninstall “WU 10 USA - 3D Photogrammetry Cities” in order to fix the KDFW Ground texture issue temporarily.


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I can also confirm that deleting the 'USA Photogrammetry Cities" incl. Arlington solves the issues.

I would like to add that it also solves another, related problem at KDAL.
At Dallas Love Field (DAL / KDAL) the threshold and first 1000’ of runway 13R at Dallas Love Field are heavily blurred (as well as the approach path), regardless whether the default airport or the iBlueYonder add-on is used. Deleting photogrammetry for Arlington also solves this issue.

Thanks for the help.

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Ah yes, Arlington TX, PG that makes sense. Can we get a time line for a fix? Please don’t mark this as solved because a workaround and a solve are different.


Just wanted to chime in with an update. I have everything installed and up-to-date including the world/city updates. As of the last time I checked, DFW is now working completely fine. I am on a Series X with photogrammetry enabled and all the rest as I said.

And I have to say, it may be the best looking Asobo airport I’ve seen yet. A shame that it was hidden for so long.

Update on the KGFW ground issue. If you also delete the airport ground enhancement pack and close out Microsoft Flight Sim and relaunch it. It will fix the ground issue.

This issue is not existing on Xbox X. Only some/all PC users have the issue. I checked the DFW on Xbox X at the same time and it was fine.

That’s simply not true at all. I am on Xbox and had this issue until recently. There was an entire thread regarding the issue on Xbox that got merged with this one as far as I can tell.

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As you mentioned above this issue is already fixed on Xbox. I was talking about current issues not passed/fixed ones. At this time Xbox users can fly to/from DFW with WU 10 USA - 3D Photogrammetry Cities installed with no problem. But, some if not all still have ground/elevation issue on their PC.

Deleting the Cities Update did NOT solve my issues on runway 17L / 35R. Elevation still a mess, although it did not cause my 737 to jump.

Deleting the Cities Update did NOT solve my issues on runway 17L / 35R. Elevation still a mess, although it did not cause my 737 to jump.

Is this for Dallas or Denver?
I’m interested in a solution for the Denver elevation problems.

Today I tried to depart from KDFW,
But during taxy I got stuck:

Very terrible scenery for one of the biggest airports in U.S.

This is mainly discussing the issues at DFW, SEA and a few others which the US Cities caused issues. For DEN, if you are using the FlightBeam DEN then you need to uninstall the MSFS version of DEN and those elevation issues should disappear.

I don’t have the Flightbeam KDEN, I do have the premium deluxe edition so I would like a fix for the problem using that airport. I like flying to and from KDEN a lot but these elevation issues are really catastrophic.

The biggest problem in DFW are the bridges over that parkway. They are completely bugged and simply not existent.
So you fall down to the road and get stuck.
They must be fixed first.

Okay the textures and buildings are poor quality but nevertheless the bridges are the biggest problem!

Its not fixed. On XBox it looks like this:

Can we please get Kdfw fixed - General Discussion & Community Support / World - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

and also the fact that dallas still has no PG

It’s frustrating that this bug has existed for so long and we don’t have a fix yet, it’s not like it’s side content or anything like that.

It’s a busy international airport in a flight simulator, it’s a core issue that should be getting a lot of focus from the team so the issue can be solved.

There shouldn’t be a bespoke airport that’s completely unusable for over a year, is there any way to get more eyes on this issue and finally just get it solved?

A lot of us here have been extremely patient and haven’t had a usable major airport for over a year, asking us to disable a core feature to make the airport usable is not acceptable. I understand it’s a temporary work around until it’s fixed but again, this issue has been present and reported here for YEARS and we only now just got an acknowledgment with a temporary work ground issue that involves disabling a feature that’s core to the visual experience of the game.

It’s just so frustrating, the fact that this has been discussed, reported, easily reproducible, and followed up on by the community for years with no fix feels really bad.


Just checking if you tried the solution above? Uninstalling those 3d cities update fixed DFW for me and it’s perfectly usable.