KDFW missing in the World Map

My KDFW is missing in World Map. How can I fix that?

Hi there,
I saw your post in a bug report, and I moved it to its own thread because it was unrelated to the bug at hand. Could you be more specific about what you mean by it being missing in the World Map. Could you share a screenshot?

Sorry about the delay but I was away travelling … KDFW is just not there, It is just not showing up on the map. strange…

If you could share a screenshot of what it looks like for you, that would probably be helpful. This is what it looks like for me:


Thanks for the reply

For some strange reason I’m have issues with bandwidth and connections today. As soon as I get this resolved, I’ll send a screen shot

Thank you for your attention

If you have the official hand-crafted version of the airport installed, it should also be available in the drop-down list under recommended airports at the world map.