KDTW Detroit metro missing terminal building (lol)

Community folder is clear

Developer Mode off

Building that used to be in the simulator are gone (Screenshot)

Load in the game at gate 33 with any aircraft.

PC specs are not relevant this is a issue with the sim

Update 5 is when it started

Steam User

If feels pointless to report to Zendesk. I have reported many issues with Zendesk that is still remain in the game from launch. And I’m talking super easy fixes.

Try uninstalling world update for the USA using content manager than load back into KDTW an see if the terminals show backup than.

Hi OperationDx, there is a similar existing master thread for these types of airport issues. I’d recommend checking this topic for further discussion and reporting: [BUG LOGGED] SU5 Airports missing terminal walls/floating roofs

This issue has already been logged and KDTW has been noted in that list.

Feel free to continue the discussion over there and list any other airports with similar issues. :slight_smile:

Closing this to avoid multiple topics and splitting votes/conversation on both. Feel free to continue as above.