Keeps crashing (PC). Used to run without problems. Is MSFS update or Add-ons the cause?

I just started using FS after several weeks interruption. The last time was right after the upgrade that reduced the size of the software, requiring a fresh install, and everything was working super smoothly.
I stopped for a few weeks and upon restart, I updated by installing Switzerland/Germany. So this is the first change from the time when all was fine.
The second change was the installation in the Community folder of two add-ons:

  • SoFly Landing Challenge + Weather Pro
  • WorkingTitle G1000 + G3000 + TBM930

Before I uninstall everything, I wanted to know if any of these, including the MS update of Switzerland, had known issues after installation.

Apologies for posting something that might have been addressed already but I did run a few searches and couldn’t find anything.
Thank you.

The quickest way to find out is to restart the sim in Safe Mode, which temporarily disables all those add-sons (but not any World Updates like SA/DE).

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I have FS crashing to desktop after about 5 minutes. This is happening both in Safe and Normal Modes. I have a couple addons in my community folder… The 135 helicopter and the P-38. Both are up to date.

…Update windows…Go figure.

Crashed on safe mode, but after over an hour of use, so not too bad.
Having said that, I uninstalled all the add-ons and will run it this way for a few days and monitor.

Something thats unusual though, is that the GPU is used at max capacity it seems. it didn’t use to be like this. it was more like around 50%.

Machine is Area51 m-R2 / i7-10700K CPU @3.80GHz / 32GB RAM.

All tips and help highly appreciated!

Hello Most likely caused by the addons. Check if you have the very last version of WT G1000 + G3000.
Also just uninstall both your addons and try to start MSFS. If it works then you’ll have to reinstall them one by one and in order to check and find out which one is making troubles.