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I could use some help please. Sim kept crashing so I just wiped the drive and reinstalled Windows from scratch. For 2 days all I’ve seen is “Decompressing fs-base-0.1.207.fspatch.002” Reboots, shutdowns, sim in safe mode, etc…nothing helps. I even deleted the file in question manually…no differenc3

I’d prefer not to start over with 120gb to download. The install is down to 4gb left.


Unfortunately you can do nothing but delete all files from the harddrive and start the download again. When a decompression error occurs there is no other way, you could try forever without any chance to install it.

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Thanks. On the 4th try it worked. Now I’m not in the mood to even fly the buggy thing. Aargh.

I would suggest you run scannow and dism before you do … it would be better to find out now if it’s installed correctly than finding your own bug exclusive to you.

I guess I don’t understand why anyone would delete the entire game because the game keeps crashing? 99% of the time it’s a mod that is causing the issue OR a simple fix of deleting the content.xml file in the directory of MSFS and letting that rebuild once you re-launch.

I read earlier of a problematic Photo processing app called Capture One that was loading non functioning Dll’s with the sim into memory, garbage collection removes them but then the mod tries to access them causing a crash. It could be that reinstalling MSFS breaks the hooks it needs. And if not that app maybe a different one.

I quite agree. Its much better to find out what is causing the issue so we learn how to solve problems rather than just wiping everything and starting again.

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It’s been marked as solved but I have a feeling it will be a recurring theme as many simmers can’t bear to be without their trusty addons which of course “always worked before SU5” :roll_eyes:

Your idea triggered something in my head and you’re spot-on: Microsoft’s Visual Studio which I use for coding was the culprit. There’s a bug with it and .NET v3.x Uninstalling VS and all is ok. The app is part of an iso image.

So, in the end: I didn’t think that MICROSOFT Visual Studio with MICROSOFT’s .NET libraries 3.x running a MICROSOFT operating system to create a plug-in for MICROSOFT’s Outlook would be an issue. What century is this?!

I’ve removed my VS from my Win 11 .iso add-ons and my sccm server so it won’t come back. Thanks MICROSOFT

Imagine a world without MICROSOFT involved and the clouds vanish from this dark world :slight_smile:

No 3rd party apps give me any problems at all.

In my case I guess I was the 1% you’re ignoring.

That may be a coincidence as it’s supposedly a codec. But even then it’s worth notifying Zendesk so they can check it out.

It’s not a codec but I guess that doesn’t matter :slight_smile: I’ve notified support.

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