Kenichi Ochiai Is Back with new freeware Japanese scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator (and bonus Hawaii)

Kenichi Ochiai has been making some really good Japanese scenery for a long, long time, and now he’s back working on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

I thought I’d post it here since he doesn’t post on the usual where everyone looks for scenery and the site is in Japanese, so it may be hard to find.

You can find his work here (no photogrammetry, it’s all hand-made)

and posts about his progress here

While it’s in Japanese, it should be easy to understand with Google translate.


Thanks for posting this. Good to see Osaka and Kyoto getting some love :slight_smile:

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Hoping to see more. I still remember how good the Japanese mods were in old SimCity 4.
Sick and talented people!

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His work is terrific. The Waikiki beachfront is awesome, as are the various sceneries in Japan.

very interested in giving this a try…
Just wondering how you are installing this (presuming you have tried) - none of it comes in a folder once you have unzipped - presume you just create a folder “osaka” for example and drop the files into then place into the community folder?

Indeed. You just make your own folder (one for each scenery).

thanks for the reply.
1)Ok will give it a try for the Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya sceneries - so just to be clear you need to create a folder (any name will do) for each of the files you download then simply drop into the community folder? (you can’t combine everything together for each city)
2)For the Tokyo stuff already have the samscene Tokyo add on (which contains a few landmarks already) just wondering which of the Tokyo add on’s its safe to use with this payware?- can see there is a Tokyo pack that seems to references the samscene Tokyo scenery (my Japanese isn’t very good!) but guessing this scenery can be used with the samscene one?

1: yes
2: There is actually a version of the Tokyo Scenery made to work with Samscene3D’s. It’s the link that says " 東京シーナリー (SamScene3D Tokyo Landmark Enhanced for MSFS対応版)"

thanks will give it a try…
in terms of the individual Tokyo landmarks (I saw 5 or 6 ) and the Yokohama scenery would you suggest trying them with the samscene scnenery? - or will some of these already be in the samscene compatible pack?

I actually wouldn’t use Yokohama because for some reason the landmark tower duplicates the one included by Asobo by default (Tokyo is fine).

As for the others, I use only the Tokyo Aqualine (the fifth), which is very relevant since it’s right in front of Haneda. The rest was included in the world update.

This guy is a true master! I love his Scenerys and Tokyo looks so much more alive an better then the default one or even samscene! This guy deserves all the recognition he gets

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