Key binding for tiller steering with no rudder pedals?

I have a Thrustmaster joystick and wanted to control my tiller steering with it and was wondering which keybind to use. I have no rudder pedals attached so also using the twist on the joystick for my rudder control currently. Any ideas :bulb:?

You can use a combo of button + axis. While you hold the button the axis will work as rudder. If you don´t hold it then it will work as ailerons for instance. In order to define that in game just hold the button and move the axis while assigning the rudder axis in the controls options.


Sorry alittle confussed on what you are saying? Do I can use my twist on the joystick as the rudder and also the tiller? Just assign a button to one of them with the twist?

Rudder and tiller are linked in most aircraft in game. If you have a twist axis then just map it to rudder and that´s it.

What I was saying is that, if for some reason you want to have separare mapping for rudder and tiller, you can assign to the tiller the combo of a button + twist axis for instance. So you you don´t press the button your twist will just operate rudder but if you hold the button and move the twist at the same time then tiller will be operated.