Key mapping to toggle POI's

Sometimes the FS earth provides glorious views that I want to take a screenshot of and the POI indicators get in the way of that.

Please add a toggle hotkey so I can turn these on/off on the fly rather than having to pause and go in to the menu to turn them off.


Yes, I agree!

Fully agree on this

I second that. Great idea.

Totally… This is so annoying since also the markers/nameplates are so crazy big and distracting.
And while we’re at it, I also need a hotkey to turn off/on the taxi assistance and also would like to have it much less distracting. Those blue arrows are horrible :frowning:

I would like to join the choir, too. Great Idea…

I agree with this. Also, I wish we could toggle the POI indicators and nav guides with a button as well.

They are useful but also spoil immersion, so they are good to use but don’t want them on all the time, and it’s a nuisance jumping in and out the menus just for this.


Yes, this would very nice, having a binding for hide/show all markers !!!

I’d love to see a drop down menu item with toggles for nameplates, POIs, airports, fauna etc, as well as cockpit tool tips and other tool tips.

We shouldn’t have to delve into the options to select these items!

loading a new flight plan from the aircraft would be a good one too. That should be in the menu bar (or it is and I have missed it )

Quick reminder for those interested in this topic… There were several similar posts that were duplicates of this one, so they were moved here. Since the votes do not transfer, would encourage those of you who commented on this to make sure you hit the Vote button at the top of this thread. Hopefully they can implement this feature, as it is very handy for those who enjoy doing formation flying and taking screen shots, etc…

Also note that there is a community mod that adds a workaround:

Works quite well, just that new nametags start popping up again once disabled, so one has to disable them again.

Still, an out-of-the-box solution with key binding would be nice.

Also vote here for a toggle of the taxi-ribbon toggle since this cannot be done via mod so far:

Thanks for the merge!

I too think we need ingame toggles for all these visual aid markings. (both pois and taxi ribbons)
Preferably both as a possible key bind and a new box in the ‘hidden menu’ at the top. Of course each poi and taxi ribbon should be a separate option. :smiley:

it’s already fixed with latest version of mod. And one button toggle

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Hi there,
At the time this was logged, there was not a big push to keep wishlist topics to only one issue apiece. Now, because we have to merge so many topics together, the wishlist rules have been changed to one issue per topic.

Because your other wish, the ability to toggle nametags, has a lot of traction on another topic, I have renamed and changed your topic to be about toggling POI’s only.

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enable/disable POI markers (filter choices) with a single key stroke during flight would be nice unless i missed a key combo for that.

Here to show support for this. In my case I thought this would be very handy in VR where the markers are sometimes useful but usually immersion breaking. Jumping into menus is even more immersion breaking


Either having to pause the flight to turn on POI pointers or having them looming over the terrain when you’ve turned them on are immersion-breakers.

Please add a toggle hotkey.

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Yes. It would be good to have a toggle key for items such as Taxi guidance Airport markers and POI. It is crazy to have to go into the menus each time you want to select one of them. FSX allowed you to toggle taxi guidance from the ATC menu.

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