Key or button binding

It is, to me, disappointing the challenge to be able to map a button or a switch to an event with msfs…there seem to be simconnect events, msfs2020 events, L variables, H variables, A variables, etc…etc…confusing and frustrating…
There are efforts done by the community to improve it but with limitations.
All the garmin buttons were not map in msfs…???
For a long time cockpit builder like me, i wish asobo had done a better job.
Anyone has a work around this ?..for example, how can i map the inert seperator of the tbm to a switch ?

Hello, I’m finding Mobiflight goes a long way toward solving these problems. The new version supports many more of the G-1000 buttons. It does require the use of Arduinos for the interface.

Yes thanks. It is one option while waiting for msfs. It also has a wasm module that we can use…