Key West airport from FSDT buildings not showing

Hello guys.
I’m really trying to figure out what can be causing the Key West airport buildings not to show. I had removed all the freeware in Florida since, according to the developer, those can be the cause of the problem but it didn’t work. I am not going to uninstall all my payware addons to see if works because…I’m sorry but I think is absurd that you have to resort to that, and that is like going backwards to the problems we had with the other sims out there. They were saying something about placing the scenery on top of the other ones, but I don’t know were that is since I have only dealt with the community folder.
Thanks for your help

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I have the same problem and i have never used addon scenery.
Can anyone help?

After the patch before last I went to Key West and the buildings are there.

Well doesn’t that imply it has nothing to do with additional addon on scenery if you are getting the issue with the Key West DLC? May be the author needs to fix for the current patch? Anybody have the same issue?

Have you tried removing from the Official folder and reinstalling?

Delete your Content.xml file and start MSFS. It will be rebuilt and the buildings will show properly. Scenery order appears to be a thing in MSFS.

The file is in: C:\Users\“your_user_name”\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache


Don’t Know what the issue is if there are none of the newer buildings, but if you purchased the Key West Scenery Add-on, there is an update. If you purchased it from the Developer direct, you can go there and download the update, however, if you purchased it through the Market Place, ya just going to have to wait till they provide it to us… its been out for three weeks, so who knows when. It could solve your problem. I know there are a few enhancement that just are not there at all till ya get the update. Also, the Developer can not help you if you purchased through the Market Place, you have to initiate a ticket through the Market Place Process.

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Perfect. That helped. After I deleted the content fodler it works. It´s showimg the building and everything.
Thanks for the tip.

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Also having the same issue. Deleting content.xml did nothing. That’s the last time I buy any garbage from FSDreamteam


I hit this too awhile back. The deal is that this scenery is somehow affected by file naming conflicts in totally unrelated add-ons. See this thread. There were several free-ware addins that I had loaded which had naming conflicts. When I removed enough of them, FSDT Key West loaded properly.

Thanks for that. I went over there and read the thread.

I emptied my community folder of everything and reinstalled KEYW. Still doesn’t work. The only other scenery I have available is payway. If their junk doesn’t work with other payware, then it’s their issue to sort out, not the issue of other devs.

I stand by my original statement. It’s garbage until they fix it.

I spent the last 2 hours trying to get this working, and I finally did. There’s something really messed up about it though.

No matter what I remove or install for 3rd party (be it from marketplace or other sources), I CANNOT get KEYW to work if the USA update is installed.

I had previously emptied my community folder, restarted the sim, and it made absolutely no different. KEYW didn’t work.

Tonigh through a lot of trial and error, I found the order in which to install them:

In order to get it to work, I had to:

  • remove all community mods
  • Remove KEYW pack
  • Remove the USA World Update
  • Reinstall KEYW
  • Reinstall the USA World Update.

Then it worked.

At that point, I started re-adding 3rd party scenery. I had already gotten rid of the known culprits (NASA and Guitar Hotel). I started adding scenery packs a couple at a time, restarting between each.

In the end, I found the culprit(s) that were causing me grief, and now KEYW works. The USA Update does interfere with it though, and repeatedly saw it. Removed USA, it worked. Reinstalled it, it stopped. It’s only by installing KEYW BEFORE installing the USA update that I managed to get it working at all, even without add-on scenery.

That said, I found my culprits in a scenery udpate from CYOW.


If I installed the USA update first, then the KEYW pack, the airport would revert to auto-gen scenery vs not having any buildings at all. I didn’t have the problem of no buildings at all. I think that order of installation plus the extra add-ons (the latter causing NO buildings) were a double problem I was experiencing. But if you’re seeing auto-gen buildings, this solution will work.

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I want to addon to what Chrunchmeister stated, bc his process worked for me. I’ve been plagued with FSDT KEYW not showing buildings. There is definitely some kind of conflict, however, I still wanted to keep my 400+ addons (I know, I have a problem).

So, for me, the resolution appears to be with the Content.xml ordering. If FSDT KEYW is “too high” or “too low” in the Content.xml file, the buildings won’t show.

The best advice I can give you is to setup your Content.xml like this:

  • All core/base MSFS folders (asobo-, fs-base-, microsoft-*)
  • All marketplace installed packages (should be the rest of the folders in your OneStore folder that’s NOT from Asobo/MS directly. (This is where FSDT KEYW landed for me)
  • All Community folder based airports/sceneries from other marketplaces, like Simmarket
  • All Community folder based freeware addon airports, like from
  • All Community folder based freeware addon sceneries/cities, like from

Finally - if anyone has duplicate animated people in this scenery, let me know, I can help fix it for you.

I have no addon in community folder. And got the follow broken airport building EGPH .
Any comments? This pic is taken when i first start MSFS today!


Wow that looks bad. Sorry you’re having this issue.

Honestly, to me it looks like you might try a reinstallation of the airport. It looks like you have more than just buildings missing.

If you remove that addon do the building change back to default?

yeah,i reinstall msfs and found sometimes its ok,but sometimes not…,trying remove all addon and find any possible way to solve it. Good to hear advices from all. tks.