Key West airport from FSDT buildings not showing

Hello guys.
I’m really trying to figure out what can be causing the Key West airport buildings not to show. I had removed all the freeware in Florida since, according to the developer, those can be the cause of the problem but it didn’t work. I am not going to uninstall all my payware addons to see if works because…I’m sorry but I think is absurd that you have to resort to that, and that is like going backwards to the problems we had with the other sims out there. They were saying something about placing the scenery on top of the other ones, but I don’t know were that is since I have only dealt with the community folder.
Thanks for your help

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I have the same problem and i have never used addon scenery.
Can anyone help?

After the patch before last I went to Key West and the buildings are there.

Well doesn’t that imply it has nothing to do with additional addon on scenery if you are getting the issue with the Key West DLC? May be the author needs to fix for the current patch? Anybody have the same issue?

Have you tried removing from the Official folder and reinstalling?

Delete your Content.xml file and start MSFS. It will be rebuilt and the buildings will show properly. Scenery order appears to be a thing in MSFS.

The file is in: C:\Users\“your_user_name”\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache

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Don’t Know what the issue is if there are none of the newer buildings, but if you purchased the Key West Scenery Add-on, there is an update. If you purchased it from the Developer direct, you can go there and download the update, however, if you purchased it through the Market Place, ya just going to have to wait till they provide it to us… its been out for three weeks, so who knows when. It could solve your problem. I know there are a few enhancement that just are not there at all till ya get the update. Also, the Developer can not help you if you purchased through the Market Place, you have to initiate a ticket through the Market Place Process.

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Perfect. That helped. After I deleted the content fodler it works. It´s showimg the building and everything.
Thanks for the tip.

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