Keybind "\" bind for show ATC, also hides hud in external view


I use the key "" to show/hide ATC.

In recent updates, now when I press this key "" it hides and shows ATC panel, but when in outside view, pressing "" also hides all the HUD instruments. I cant see a duplicate key bind in my control settings though?

Apart from using new keybind, anyway to change/fix this?

Set the keybind to ~ just like FSX. Falls naturally under your left hand, and you can even go by feel to the right key response by simply shifting your finger over the right number of buttons.

You can unbind one of the features to that key, so it only triggers one feature. You can also use a modifier key (shift, control) to help if you want to keep both.

ok will rebind. I unbound it. Seems like the " \ " key is hardset to show/hide hud stuff in external view - same for you guys?