Keybinds lose every time after launching the sim


I do not know why but I cannot save keybinds for axis to my FSSB R3 for next run of the sim. Every time when exit the sim or signout I lose what I have set even though I press save button. Can aynone please tell me how can I save it for next launch?

Hello @BrattishOwl205 .

The topic was moved into #bugs-and-issues:hardware , as it is hardware related.

Did you find a solution ?
I have a similar issue with my TCA Quadrant (just the throttle but not woth the joystick)

Yes, but unfortunately I don’t know exactly what did I do because it is quite long time ago.:frowning: Try to switch it to a different USBs. I also use USB 2.0 only for HOTAS if you can. Maybe this could help you as well. Or some update fixed it in my case.