Keyboard left/right arrow keys for number slider settings

I would love to be able to click on the sensitivity and dead zone sliders and press the left and right keys to easily change values one increment at a time (like in FSX) rather than have to drag my mouse left and right. For example if I start at 0% sensitivity, move left to -2, it is very hard to drag right and have it back to the default 0. I usually end up at +1 or +2. The ability to change values with left/right keystrokes would make fine tuning so much easier.

I second that motion! :wink:
And I say do that for all sliders in the UI.



Also upvoted.

If you resize the UI within the options menu, fine tuning becomes very very hard indeed with some values being totally skipped due to the zoom level.

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I just updated this wishlist thread as I realized that it applies to ALL 0-100 slider settings in this sim, not just controller sensitivity. For example, in the General settings. Having to use mouse to fine-tune the desired number is so annoying.

It’s very difficult to fine tune the sliders by one unit increments just with the mouse, It would be great if, like many windows controls, once you click on it (selected) you can use the left/right keyboard arrows for fine tuning (one click, one unit moved).

Is not a must have, but a very helpful nice to have