Keyboard on Laptop

Hi, I’m an occasional simmer, not hard-core, to me this is a game I’d like to play on my laptop in my comfy chair. This means using the built-in keyboard, not joystick or other peripherals. I’m looking to exchange ideas and experiences.

Some of the things I’ve been running into are:

  • When trying to set a keyboard shortcut, clicking on the “scanning” box seems to often (not always) cause the [Num5] key to be inserted; trying to use the [Backspace] to delete that key obviously inserts the backspace, so I have to clear and start over.

  • I have assigned the [Shift] [Num4] to looking left, etc. However, whenever I press [Shift] [Num4], not only does the looking left occur, but also the plane turns left (as if the [Shift] [Num4] also triggers the plain [Num4] key).

  • The rudder controls are almost unusable in the air; the [Num0] and [NumEnter] keys cause the plane to shake uncontrollably. On the ground they seem to be working more or less, if I hold then for a short period. It’s tricky, though: too short, and they don’t do anything; too long, and the plane spins around.

  • I’m still trying to figure out how actually to use the brake key [.]:

    • click it once (doesn’t seem to do much)
    • click it repeatedly until the plane stops
    • click and hold it down (but how then control the rudder to steer while braking?)
  • Am I correct that the new flight simulator no longer has the [F4] for full throttle (and not even has the ability to map any key to full throttle)?

All in all, I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with this new game, and even been able to land correctly once, but I’m really hoping I can get the configuration figured out to make the flights a lot smoother.

Hello @JFSimulator. Most of the action would need to be remapped to suit your preference. That is what I did.

Have fun

Yeah, I don’t mind ending up creating my own keyboard mapping file (and making sure I make a backup of that). The problem is that mapping keys doesn’t always seem to work.

Most of all I’m looking for a way to look around in the cockpit without at the same time moving the yoke.

OK, so I found that the rudder is a known problem. For now, the solution seems to be to switch to “auto-rudder on take-off”, which makes at least taxiing workable. This thread Why is rudder control all or nothing? has more information about the problem.