Keyboard shortcut for MASTER WARNING?

But where is the keyboard shortcut for MASTER WARNING and MASTER CAUTION ??? thank you so much


I was looking for it today. No luck. I don’t think they have implented it.

Yeah I haven’t found it either, I don’t think even fsuipc can do it. I want to assign it to my switch panel to acknowledge the stupid thing without having to use my mouse, but no such luck.

It’s a shame it would be very useful… :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Sure binding a key to mastercaution kill would be great but more important is to first identify the causing problem.

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Looking for it too…

There are no events for either of these. IE: right now they cannot be bound to a key. There’s many other switches and buttons and levers etc with this same situation.

I see…Got the same problem for batteries switching on the A320…And autopilot ON/OFF on the same button…It’s a bit frustrating…

It was a option in Alpha. Should have left it. Along with open the doors.