Keyboard with touchpad and joystick

Corsair have a keyboard, K83, with a touchpad and joystick. Would it be possible to map the joystick to camera controls as can be done with x-box controllers? Seems like it could but wonder if anyone has one of these. Thanks

Anybody? Anybody?

Do you have a link for the keyboard? I don’t own it but can take a look in the specs if it’s theoretical possible

Thank you. I do not have a link but a Google search for Corsair k83 will find it. It has a small joystick in the top right corner and a touchpad. I wonder if MSFS would see it and be able to program the keyboard including the joystick.Thanks.

It look likes the trackpad is configurable through the iCue software. Not sure about the joystick. That really depends if windows sees it as multimedia control or controller x/y axis. If the latter, it should work

It may be interpreted as a mouse?

Thank you guys.