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I just bought the new Cedar Key addon and thought I’d put it to good use, so I did a short air taxi run from Key West.

Turning North:

After an uneventful trek up the Gulf Coast, I’m starting down:

Passing over St. Pete:

Parked after giving my brakes and thrust reverse a good workout:


I guess the forum thought I was shouting when I typed the airport codes in all caps…

I did a couple flights in and out of Cedar Key several weeks ago. It was a bit foggy so the approaches were intense. Nice airport.

Hey could almost see the house in Tampa I grew up in :slight_smile:

Ah, as featured in Steveo1 Kinevo’s videos with Weyman Luy (doing his best to sell the TBM at every chance :slight_smile: )

Did they keep the road traffic intact on the 23 side? It kept fliers honest about going low in the stock airfield version.

I’m loving this series of pics.

The reason you gave your brakes and reversers a workout is because KCDK is the shortest paved runway in the state of Florida. I went in there in a Bonanza, and came in a little hot, and damm near overran the end of the runway. Plus it’s a real PITA to find!

My childhood home is in your “Passing over St. Pete” pic, due north of your right wing, and my current home is roughly 3-4 miles due south of your left wing. I learned to fly in that airport just to the left of your nose, more years ago than I’m prepared to admit! In fact, contained within that one pic are areas of land that comprise at least 50% of my entire life, give or take. When I actually put those words on paper (well, on screen?), it strikes me just how profound that view really is. But to get that to upwards of 90% would require a pic of the entire lower 48, as I spent about 8 years in Vancouver, WA, and about 10 in NYC. But I started in your pic, ended up back here 10 or so years ago, and will probably live the rest of my life out here, unless something unexpected happens.

Of course, unexpected things happen every day, so who knows!

I could live out my twilight years in KEYW, I love the place, it’s one of my favorite places to fly, both in the sim and real life (though I quit flying IRL many years ago), and it seems like a good place to go when your days are numbered. I guess we’ll see where my journey takes me.

Nice pics. I was flying there few times during my flight training. I still remember getting a ride on golf cart of some residents passing nearby and having great lunch at the town! Thanks for bringing back such nice memories

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