[KEYW] Key West, Monroe County, Florida (FSDT)

Despite a few hurdles at the start (2021) FSDreamTeam succeeded in creating a flawless download and yet another small airport I like. Key West is great artwork

… and the usual FSDT suspects… I love to see people in scenery :hugs:


If I didn’t already have the Orbx version, this might be interesting. Mine also has people, but they’re static. On the other hand, there are some very entertaining characters depicted! :wink:

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Maybe you can have both, don’t know… the ORBX version has more of the surrounding villages.

btw if you want to see people check out LFEQ Quiberon, from the same vendor… it is even better…

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You can own them, but trying to load the sim with both installed would be problematic at best. CTD would be a distinct possibility.