KGSO Elevation Issues

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Severe elevation issues found on FedEx ramp and Taxiway E
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Pick a plane and wander around…
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TUF Gaming TUF505DT
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, 2.10 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 w/ DX 12
Memory: 16.0 GB @ 2400 MHz
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Request #101410 Severe Elevation Issues KGSO

I don’t know what the sim’s designation for this taxiway is, but in the real world, it’s “E.” The ramp I started on is actually used by the FedEx hub located at KGSO.

Well, the Zendesk case is solved. I put this in before the latest update, but I’m skeptical as to whether it’s actually fixed in the sim. I’ll try to find the energy to fire up the sim after supper, but after walking ding nigh six miles today, I’m just about done.

Unfortunately, you’ve probably figured this out by now that “Solved” only means that someone has looked at it and triaged it. While many support tools allow custom statuses that make sense for various customers, Zendesk forces you to go with the statuses they use.

Yeah, I figured that one out a LOOONG time back. That’s why I was more concerned with transparency when I responded in your other thread.

I spawned here to test the fuel stands from another thread, and found myself parked on some strange green pavement. I thought “This is different…” Then I thought “Waaaaiit a minute!” Sure enough, the elevation issues on the taxiway and FedEx ramp are now fixed!

(Me celebrating)

The taxiway designators are still screwed, but at least this is progress!

Asobo reverted back to the original with the elevation issues!!!