Kinda lost, please help!

Hey guys,

There was a special section that I once jumped in (accidentally indeed) from here casual msfs forums, where particularly developers discuss things and I cannot find it back now.

I really enjoyed the reading there, does anyone know where those threads are located ?

That’s awfully vague. Discussing what exactly? We’d need more than that.

SDK section for the development side of things, the Yellow 3rd Party section for the product releases discussion itself. You can turn on notifications for specific threads which is found at the very bottom of each one. That should help for navigation back to topics that most interest you.

mostly developers were discussing any issues related to scenery design etc and i jumped in there right from these forums with a single link and don’t remember where exactly and how i did !

There is a part of the forum dedicated to the SDK. This might be what you are thinking of?

thanks guys and sorry, I just remembered now it was a subsection in zendesk, it took me a while but glad I made it LOL

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