King Air 350 and VNAV button

the “VNAV” key seems to have no effect when pressed. No announcements in the PFD and no apparent effect on the flight behavior of the aircraft. Is it a bug? Does it only happen to me?

Neither stock Garmin G3X nor Working Title G3X have functional VNAV at this time. That’s the FMS aboard the KA350. Not a bug, it’s missing functionality.

Thanks for the answer, which solves my doubt, which is legitimately caused by the fact that the tooltip highlights in change of state from “off” to “on” when the button is pressed. So the real bug is that hovering over the button should show “inoperative”.

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however Working Title reports that the Garmin G3X is only used on the following aircraft:

"Usage in default aircraft
Because they use the Garmin G3X unit, this mod will affect the following default aircraft:

Cub Crafters X CUB
Extra EXTRA 330LT
JMB Aircraft VL-3
Pipistrel Virus SW 121 "
and the KA350 is not one of them. And indeed the appearance of the PFD is different than what you see on the Ka350. Are you sure what you wrote? Thanks for the reply anyway. Hi.

Yes, the WT mod is also available for the KA350. We’ve asked WT to update that page so many times but they haven’t.

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Great and precious indication from you: thank you! At least now I know that I can keep an eye on the development of the WT so that if and when they implement vertical navigation I can install it on my simulator. Thanks again. Hello.

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Many thanks also for your info

I contacted WT on Discord and got them to finally update that page. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well done !