King Air 350 Electrical System

So I see in the System.cfg file the defined electric circuits. Also what different components draw for example the landing light
circuit.15 = Type:CIRCUIT_LIGHT_LANDING:2 #Connections:bus.2# Power:80, 95, 20.0# Name:Landing_Light_R ; Landing light 95W

95 watts in a 24v system would yield ( W )/( V ) =(A) 3.9 amps.
No matter what I set it to the amp meter does not budge.

Does anyone know where or how to turn on the electrical system?


you might want to check out the C152X addon. That author completely rewrote the electrical system of the C-152. You could review his work and ask him.

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Were you able to find an answer to this question?

No, not so far I’m beginning to think that it is not implemented yet. I just don’t know where to add code the make it work.

I know the guys working on the G36 Improvement project have done some great work with the Bonanza electrical system. Here is a link to one of the posts. If you follow the reply linked below, it continues to work through some of the issues, etc.