King Air 350 fuel system

I don’t get it! I have flying less than 10h with King Air and i don’t understand the fuel system! How does it work? All the time i get the unbalance warning. And i don’t no how to fix it. Need help!

Do you have any mods installed? During normal ops you don’t need to touch anything on the fuel panel.
An imbalance shouldn’t develop.

I have JD’s King Air flight model installed, but i think that’s not the problem, i don’t have found anything in cfg files. I try it your way :wink: This “thing” happens only in long flights. Looks like it’s only pull fuel an right side tanks. Go figure :wink: Thanks!!

Well… that’s was interesting flight. Job from Neofly, GOOY to DIAP 930nm, and fuel ended after 600nm. Both tanks have 95% full of fuel when i start and King Air’s range is about 1800nm. Both engines shutdown and couple flat spins later i got plane to level flight, fether the props and start to look place to land. There was strip 15nm away, there! I get it in there, but if the strip would have been 0.5 nm further, i would not have gotten to it.
Something is wrong King Air’s fuel system! It takes all the fuel in right tank, no matter what you do! Any ideas?

Can you confirm that the left tank is still full when both engines fail?

Yes! It was full.

Must be a mod or a livery. Suggest to retry with an empty or renamed community folder.

Just tested, and all four tank quanitities are simultaneously decreasing.

I try that! Thanks!

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It wasn’t mod, it was my Bravo quadrant! I copied settings previous plane what was Cessna 208, and there was toggle switch for changing fuel pump. I do not removed that and the problem was there. Thanks for your help!


Don’t blame the Bravo for your own mistakes! :wink:

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Such replies are the reason why people are reluctant to post their solutions.
Not exactly helpful or motivating.

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I race my arm for my mistakes! :ok_hand: :grinning:

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Come on! It was all in good humor and supplied with a winking smiley. :smirk:
Howver, it was also off-topic like this one, for which I do apologize.

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At first I had no dramas but now always stops on the ground no fuel … shown in the fuel gauges … now cant fly this …can anyone resolve this please I have uninstalled and re installed … no change