King Air 350 will not stay on a GPS setting

So since the last update, the KA 350 will not stay on a GPS setting. It switches from GPS to VOR and then always over flys the arrival airport. I doesn’t seem to follow an IFR format. I was trying the TBM 930 to see if it happens to it, but got a CTD. Always something with this MFS 2020. Is it just me?

Make sure you are using the Working Title G3X (Dev 10), the stock G3X has a lot of shortcomings.

I’ve flown the King Air a good few hours since WU6 and the AP has been working fine on a GPS course for me.

I don’t believe that GPS is the type used in the King Air. It is not listed as an applicable aircraft in the link your provide and, in my experience with it installed, it doesn’t change anything from the default King Air GPS when flying the King Air.

It is in fact the GPS used in the King Air. Working Title has been informed many times to update their list, but their priority at the moment is to move G1000 NXi from Early Access to Release. I’ve flown the stock King Air many times. It’s supposed to be a Rockwell Collins Proline, but it’s not.

The G3X Dev 10 even in it’s current state is head and shoulders above the stock G3X. If you choose not to use it, that’s up to you. But you are missing out on the base improvements that Working Title has ported over to the G3X as listed in that page. The Dev 10 can definitely fly an IFR pre-planned flight accurately. I’ve flown over 2,000 nm on very complex legs (notably Canada to North Africa) on the G3X in the JMB Vertigo mod.

I stand corrected. I’ll give this G3X Dev 10 another go :+1:

Not in the Sim at the moment but just in case it helps someone, When it flicks to VOR click the Air Speed Indicator guage and it pops up a window to change the VOR1 to VOR 2 or GPS.

EDIT: Now in the sim I was coming back to change it to the exact part. I have short term memory problems due to meds for severe pain that interact with the brain.

It’s not the airspeed indicator. Click on the CDI (Compass Rose) at the bottom of the PFD. The screen will split to show you a menu to switch CDI Source.

I’d be happy to try anything that makes this MSFS work. What you say sounds good except I don’t know what G3X Dev 10 is or where to find it. Is it a setting within the MSFS itself?

Working Title was hired by Asobo to raise the bar on the Garmins and bring them as close as possible to 1:1 Real-Life features.

At the moment, the focus is on the G1000 NXi which will replace the G1000 in the sim. The NXi is distributed as a free Marketplace add-on but will be integrated into core sim code.

Working Title also distributes their version of the G3000 and G3X as Community Mods. You can get them below. Follow the links to the G3X and note the instructions to install:

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