King Air 350i Extreme livery serial number problem

Hi Guys,
I’ve recently purchased the MSFS King Air 350i Extreme aircraft.
I’m enjoying the aircraft itself, but I find that a serial number is appearing on every single livery version, on the default liveries and on 3rd party liveries!

What I am seeing is the serial number G-DAAS showing through the livery on the fuselage sides of every aircraft. It appears in various colours and formats (outlined letters or coloured letters).
The serial number isn’t even relevant to this particular aircraft; it’s frustrating to say the least! I’ve paid my money and have an aircraft with a visible glitch!!

Can anyone please help me and explain why this is happening, and how I can solve this issue please??

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I’m sorry, what product is this? Are you referring to the Black Square product?

If so, given it uses the default King Air model, the issue would be on your side. When you go into the aircraft selection menu in the World Map, do you see that value in the Registration or whatever it is. There is a specific way of deleting that value. I think you have to delete it and then hit return, or maybe overwrite it with a space and hit return, I forget.

If it’s another product, I have no clue otherwise. The above is the only way that happens across liveries.

Did you buy it on the Marketplace or offline. If it’s in your Community directory, you can look at the aircraft.cfg file and see if you see that value if the above isn’t the issue.

If you’re talking about having a problem with custom liveries, then it’s likely the author didn’t really know what they were doing in how to not have the Registration appear. Putting a special character in atc_id is not an acceptable solution for erasing the registration.

Looks like a livery pack. Probably incorrectly configured files?

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Ok, if it’s a livery pack, then the author likely just put G-DAAS as the atc_id. You can override that value as I noted above by going into the aircraft choice menu in World Map before your flight and add your own registration (assuming the liveries were designed around the default Registration).

Or you can edit the aircraft.cfg file and change atc_id to the value of your choice.

Or, if the liveries were not designed around the default Registration, turning it off is a little more involved. I’m at work right now so I can’t go into the details of how to do it at the moment.

Hello FlyingsCool,
The aircraft is the King Air 350i Extreme, purchased from PC Aviator as an instant download, as noted by Casual Click.
What is very strange is that this bogus serial number is actually that belonging to the Devon Air Ambulance Airbus H145 helicopter in real life. An aircraft produced for msfs by the Hype Performance Group,
I hope this isn’t some kind of interference from another aircraft file; although I don’t see how or why it would!!
Furthermore, some of the liveries don’t have the serial number in the usual place! As an example, the Royal Navy Avenger T1 livery for XX503 doesn’t carry a civilian serial number, or the RAF Shadow livery.
I’ll try your suggestion and look at the cfg. file and see what value it shows for the aircraft.

To begin with I thought the issue was with one of the third party liveries that I’d downloaded from flight; so I experimented with one of the default liveries that comes with the pack. Sadly the same problem was still present and there’s still the bleed through of the offending serial numbers!

I hope you can help me as this is spoiling a beautiful aircraft!!